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Forget The Gym! Try These Awesome Ways To Get Fit Fast.

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Sometimes we can feel less than enamored with the idea of heading to the gym first thing in the morning before work. You know that you need to shift the pounds that you piled on at Christmas and you are keen to get fit and healthy. However, the gym simply isn’t doing it for you. Hot footing it to a sea of treadmills to see bronzed Amazonian goddesses pumping iron and cross training like their lives depended on it, isn’t motivating you. Take a step back from the gym and consider doing something else to get fit. Forget the rowers, the exercise bikes and the bicep curler, and try these more exciting and fun ways to tone up.

With the emergence of the street dance craze and shows like Dancing with the Stars, the idea of dancing to keep fit has exploded. While Zumba classes have been around for some time, new dance styles are vying for your attention. You could consider signing up for a belly dancing workout class to tone your core. You will become more flexible as you learn the Middle Eastern inspired dance moves and enjoy learning new routines to get fit. You’ll be surprised at just how tired, sweaty and hot you can get as you take on a calorie burning dance session.
Alternatively, you might fancy taking up a salsa class or trying your hand at some samba or tango. The Latin inspired dances are much more strenuous and fast paced than most ballroom dances, so are more effective at toning your core and giving you a cardiovascular workout.
Martial Arts
Have you ever wondered what it might be like to know some karate moves? If so, why not head down to a free martial arts taster session. With like minded novices, you’ll get to learn the ancient discipline of Wado Ryu or Shotokan karate. Being taught by an expert will allow you to hone your skills, strengthen your core, as well as focus your mind. You’ll be able to learn kicks, punches, and blocks, as well as partake in a bout of sparring or two if you fancy it. You might get a few bruises along the way, but self defense classes can be a whole lot of fun.
Cycling is the perfect activity for getting fit as you can do it in all weathers. When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than heading out on your bicycle for a ride around the park or for a trail ride through some woodland. 
When it’s wintery, cold and damp, you can still partake in a more strenuous indoor type of cycling. Spin classes are loved by celebs and will get your heart pumping faster than you’ve ever experienced. Online virtual tutors can now cycle alongside you to give you some much needed encouragement as you struggle to climb the virtual hills from your own personal spin bike.
The twenty first century world has made fitness more tech minded, more fun and there is greater variety of exercises to choose from. So, forget the gym, and try these awesome ways to get fit fast.

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