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How To Find Me Time As A Busy Mom.

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Do you ever get to the end of your day and wonder where on earth the time has gone? You seem to be constantly busy battling your way through a never-ending to do list but it still feels like you haven't really accomplished anything? Your schedule is packed full with commitments, activities and must-do items, keeping the family healthy and you're so busy caring for everyone else, you simply run out of time to meet your own needs? Perhaps it even feels vaguely selfish to want to things for yourself. 

The ‘Me-Time’ Myth
Recently, popular culture has been full of the notion of self-care, and far from dismissing it as a luxury, busy mamas need to accept that prioritising themselves from time to time isn't wrong at all. After all, who cares for the carer? If you are responsible for everyone else and you burn out, where does this leave them? Children learn the most by example, and if they see you miserable, stressed out, and drowning under a mountain of busy work, that's what they will take for a model. Being a happy, well-balanced and positive person is a gift that you can only give your children by accepting that you need a break sometimes. While it may seem hard to get your head around the fact that taking time away from your family can actually benefit them, it's definitely true. But if you're already struggling with time management, where do you find that extra hour here and here to do something for yourself for once? 
Make The Most Of Nap Time 
Naps for younger children are the ideal opportunity to take some time for yourself. As soon as our kids go down for a rest, most of us are dashing to sort out the laundry or tackle another household job, but taking that time to do something just for you could be far more beneficial. Reading a book, squeezing in that Pilates workout on YouTube, or browsing to find the tools for a craft project is a far better use of time. If you really struggle with it, you could set a timer for ten minutes and have a quick tidying blitz before using the rest of the time to pursue an activity that you enjoy, even if that's just taking a bath or enjoying an uninterrupted cup of coffee.
Adjust Your Waking Time
If you have children that sleep in the mornings, you could consider shifting your own schedule to create some time. Deciding to go to bed earlier in the evenings and get up a little ahead of everyone else can create a blissful pocket of unaccounted for time that you can spend however you please. Just make sure that you aren't burning the candle at both ends and are going to bed early enough to get sufficient sleep. In the evenings we can often feel run down and low energy, so our good intentions to pick up that craft project or go for a run fall by the wayside, whereas that's far less likely to happen in the morning. This gives you more time to spend on yourself and to get organised.

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