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How to make a ponytail hair tie in 3 steps.

Hi friends
Whatcha doing? I’ll tell you what my kids are doing they’re whipping their back and forth like Willow Smith and it’s all thanks to me.

About a month or so ago we were at the mall shopping in Ivy’s favorite store Justice. While shopping Ivy could not leave the store without this hair tye. It was a hair tie with ombré hair attached to it and a bow. So when you put it in your hair not only does it look as if you have a cool strip of ombré hair but also looks like you have a super cute bow on too. I purchased one for both Ivy and Aria and they literally wore them every day. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll even see them in their hair in a few photos. While wearing them every single day they became worn out. So while I thought about buying a few more $6.00 isn’t something I wanna spend again, so I had a thought. “Why not make them self?”. So I did for this easy project you’ll need a few items.

Bows (dollar tree) $1.00
Hair ties (Walmart) $3.00
2 packs of colored hair (any local beauty supply) $4.00

This entire project will cost you less than $9 after tax, plus with all the supplies you can make multiples of them. More bang for your buck. 

Step. 1 Take a piece of each color hair and loop it through the hair tie.

Step. 2 Braid the pieces of hair.

Step. 3 Take your bow and insert it into the braid at the top. As close as you can get it to the actual hair tie. 

Then ta-da! You’re all done. 

Now your little girl can rock that hair tie like the rock star that she is. You save a ton of money and she gets to whip her hair back and forth. These make for awesome gifts too. Hope your little girls love them as much as Ivy and Aria. So cute I may have to consider making one for myself. :)

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