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Keeping my toddlers safe with The Toddler Monitor.

Hi friends!
Want to hear a scary-funny story? Well, when I was around probably seven years old I was really mad at my mom one day. I can’t remember exactly why, but I think it was something along the lines of she wouldn’t let me have candy... kids, right? Anywho, like I said I was really mad, I grabbed a tiny backpack packed some random pajamas, shirt, one shoe, toothpaste no toothbrush, a few Barbie dolls and I was determined to run away. I put my backpack on and walked right out the front door. I got about halfway through the yard when I realized “yeah this probably isn’t going to happen”. So I went back inside to play with my little brother. My mom is going to kill me reading this even 13 years later. But the point is if I never went back to the house and actually ran away things could have been really bad, scary. But then, on the other hand, it was also funny I actually thought I could run away with my Barbie’s. Being a mom is hard and keeping an eye on your little ones 24/7 can be even harder. So having extra help is a necessity can you imagine if my mom had the Toddler Monitor back when I was seven? Ah, yes the Toddler Monitor.

Extra help with your little one's anyone? Of course, that’s where a little thing called the toddler monitor comes into play. Who invented it?  So what is the toddler the monitor? What does it do? How does it work? I’m breaking it all down for you today friends.

The Toddler Monitor was invented by two best friends name Krista and Lisa. These super moms invented the monitor after a scary incident one night where one of their 2 years olds managed to get out of the house one night. Baffled and shook up by this happening they did some research only to find that they weren’t alone and many other moms had, had the same scary thing happen to them as well. They began to research other monitors on the market and unfortunately came up short for a monitor that tailored to little ones who were no longer crib aged or made them feel safe. The Toddler Monitor was born.

 The Toddler Monitor is a monitor that you hang around your little one's bedroom door that sends an alert to your smartphone by vibration and sounds when your toddler tries to leave their room at night. It can be hung from either the inside or outside of the door and senses motion anytime the door is being opened. With the Toddler Monitor app it sends a signal to your smartphone via Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi needed. It easily pairs with IOS or Android phones in seconds. The app to takes only seconds to download and set up as well. With the app, you can monitor as many as three Toddler Monitors in your home. The monitor is small and lightweight and can be hung on any type of door. It’s made with non-toxic silicone materials and BPA free. Currently the Toddler Monitor is available in two colors turquoise and grey. But they will be coming out with more colors very soon.

When I received our monitor in the mail I was very impressed by how small it was. I loved the fact it wasn’t bulky and didn’t include any small parts or installation. It only took me a second to set it up and customize it with the girl’s names. It even came with a UBS charge cord. I used it while I took a quick shower and it alerted me when the girls tried leaving their room. The alert sounds like your morning alarm and shows motion detected at the door. I immediately jumped out of the shower to see what was happening turns out the girls were just testing me and the monitor. I believe this monitor is not only great bedtime use but all the time use. It gives me so much peace of mind knowing that my girls are safe and monitored. I think every parent/guardian should have the Toddler Monitor because there’s nothing better than that piece of mind.

Thank you Toddler Monitor for our monitor! Also sorry mom for trying to run away when I was seven :)


  1. Running away with barbie dolls?! 😂 Oh yes that's so funny! The monitor is kinda cute though. 😊

  2. I don't have kids, but I did I think I would use this for piece of mind.

  3. That is such a brilliant piece of technology. I am one of those moms that can sleep through anything. This would be such a peace of mind.

  4. We're out of the toddler phase and we would have LOVED to have this genius piece of tech! I can see that this could give parents piece of mind!