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Mom it's your birthday.

Hi friends!
Today is yet another special day because it is my mom's birthday.

My mom...

what can I say about her to make you understand just how amazing she really is? For as long as I can remember my mom has been my number role model. She taught me everything I know about being a woman and then some. Growing up she always taught me lessons I may have not understood at the time but lessons that I now realize were so important I use them with my own kids. All throughout my childhood, she kept me and my little brother sheltered and safe. With my mom by my side, there was never a moment where I felt scared or alone. As a teenager, she would let me hang out with my friends always trusting my judgment and never doubting that I would make good decisions and come home in one piece at the end of the night. When I finally grew up and moved into my own place she pretty much furnished my entire little apartment not only with furniture but with love. Later down the road when I had my own kids she was there for me all the way and made sure my kids and I had everything we needed and wanted. When I got married she walked me down the aisle, when I moved out she moved me back in, when I started my blog she was my first subscriber. To this day I know if I never need advice, love, or even furniture ;) she'll be right there. My mom is the woman I aspire to be inside and out. A beautiful, marvelous, talented, kind, strong woman that is. 

I love you mom, happy, happy, happy birthday.

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