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Outdoor Gear that Will get your child in Shape!​

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Teaching your child how to be more active, and encouraging them to play outside at least an hour a day, is a good idea. Not only will your child develop healthy habits and stay in shape, but it’s a great bonding experience. While there is nothing wrong with an occasional video game, the outdoors can’t be beat. Here are some pieces of equipment you can purchase to help your child. 
A Trampoline 
First off, a trampoline is something that a child will love. Jumping around on trampolines is very fun, and multiple kids can make a lot of memories on that trampoline. If you want to, buy a smaller one to see if they enjoy it, and then move onto a bigger one. Chances are, your child will be in love with it. 
A Bike
Who doesn’t love a good bike? A bike is a good way for your child to grow and become more independent. Obviously, you should start small and get a bike with training wells. You should limit bike riding to the driveway or neighborhood. However, as they grow older, they can take off those training wheels and look at the world.

Gardening Tools 
If you have a garden and your child is interested in it, why not give them some gardening equipment and teach them how to grow their own fauna? They can have fun planting seeds, tilling, or watering their plants. 
Fishing Pole 
There are plenty of fishing poles that can be suitable for children. They are easy to use and are durable to help reel that fish in. Even though fishing sounds like a lazy activity, walking to the perfect fishing spot and reeling in that big catch can be a challenge in of itself. We recommend getting a good fishing pole that your children will love.
A Child’s Pocket Knife
When your child is out exploring, a pocket knife can help them cut any plants in the way and keep them safe. Now, this is something an older children should only carry, and even then, you should buy a child’s pocket knife that can protect them against cutting themselves. However, just like safety scissors, you should still tell your child how to use them.
A Flashlight
While going on nightly adventures with your kids, giving them a good flashlight to light the way is a good idea. A flashlight can make them feel like they are investigating, and plus it’s cool lighting up all the sights.
A Camera 
Not only is a camera good for outdoor travels, but it can also teach your child photography and encourage them to be more active. Perhaps you could have your child explore the woods and take pictures of five things that capture their interest. You’ll be surprised at what a child notices or what they are curious about.
This is another device that is great for traveling and exploring. Scooters are good for kids of all ages and they can be stylish as well. We recommend giving your child a great scooter to try. 
A Baseball Bat and Ball 
Baseball can be fun to play. Throwing a ball at a  child and having them hit it can be an encouraging game. Just remember to play it safe and have them wear a helmet, and to encourage a good swinging technique. 
Some Pool Accessories 
When it’s hot outside, having your child swim in a pool or trying out a slip and slide can be a good way for them to grow and to have exercise. Plus, it’s a good way to socialize with other children who want to play in a pool with them. We recommend buying some and enjoying some supervised fun.
A Jungle Gym 
A jungle gym is simple, yet allows for plenty of fun. What you can do with a jungle gym is have adventures with other kids, play on the slides all day, and encourage some climbing. 

The outdoors, and activities in general, are great for growth and encouraging your children. If you want to have a good time, buy some of these and see how your children love them. We believe they will. 


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