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Remember Your Mommy Needs Too!

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Becoming a mommy is a brand new adventure in itself. Your life changes abruptly. Motherhood can be compared to a door. Once you go through it, there is no coming back. While it doesn’t mean that you can wave goodbye to your previous life, it’s fair to say that life will never be the same again. For the first time, you become entirely responsible for the happiness, the survival and the wellbeing of another human being. It’s no part-time job. Mothers embark on a journey that demands their full attention and all their energy. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for new moms to forget themselves on the journey. Motherhood is a new role you gain. But it shouldn’t take over your entire person. You’re a mother as well as being a woman, a wife, a friend, a sister, etc. 
Managing the challenges of your multifaceted existence is key to your parenting skills and your personal growth. Ultimately, you have emotional, mental and physical needs, just as much as your baby has. While you can’t afford to neglect your child to put yourself first, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make time for yourself. You can and should remember to love yourself at the beginning of this extraordinary adventure. 

How many new mommies skip meals?
If you’re worried about pregnancy weight gain, many mothers manage to lose most or even all of the pregnancy gain during the first year. Don’t be fooled into thinking that they accomplish this positive result through hard training or a dedicated diet. On the contrary, weight loss occurs through neglect. Indeed, up to 80% of new mothers skip meals because they’re too busy. Indeed, when you prepare for your first steps into parenthood, you will find plenty of advice on what babies and toddlers can eat. As a result, mommies keep their kitchen cupboards filled with healthy options to make sure their little ones receive all the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow. Unfortunately, in the panic of learning how and when to feed their babies, they can be too stressed to remember to eat. Make time for yourself, even if it’s only a couple of minutes at meal times. Your baby needs a strong and healthy mom! 
Activities are vital at all age
Babies and toddlers activity groups are common, especially if you’ve joined a new parents community that helps parents to cope with the stress and challenges of caring for their first child. These activity groups are fundamental to track the healthy development of your child in terms of motor abilities and coordination. You’ll find as well plenty of interactive toys for young babies to grab, kick and touch. Ultimately, your baby needs to learn how to control their body and to navigate through their space, which happens over a period of several years. But even adults can benefit from dedicated activities. Mothers, especially, need to learn how to handle their new body and rebuild the strength they’ve lost during the birth. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you don’t have time to workout. You can get in touch with the experts from for more to help you get back control of your body and achieve your personal fitness goals. Why does it matter? Because your body goes through a lot during the pregnancy. Working out at your pace with people who understand the characteristics of a mom’s body can help you to recover. 
You need new clothes too, not just your baby!
Do you know what the most common present for new parents is? Baby clothes! Indeed, your baby is likely to have a full wardrobe long before she is born. Mothers, on the other hand, don’t get the same treatment. You might be tempted to hold on to your favorite pre-pregnancy clothes in the hope of motivating yourself to lose weight. The truth is that your body doesn’t need to feel guilty at the moment. It needs love and attention as seen on After all, you’re not the same woman anymore so it would be unfair to expect you to have the same body. Carrying a baby, giving birth, breastfeeding, caring for your baby at any time of the day or night, all your typical mom’s responsibilities are exhausting and affect your body. You deserve a new wardrobe after the birth. 
Don’t let baby skincare take over your needs
Baby skin is highly sensitive. As a result, most parents choose to invest in baby-safe products all around the house, from body lotion to washing up liquid. But your skin also requires dedicated attention. Indeed, as hormonal changes, fatigue and stress kick in, you’re likely to experience acne outbreaks, dark circles, hair loss, pigmentation, etc. The good news: These transformations don’t last. But taking a couple of minutes each day to look after your skin can avoid you many troubles. Healthy eating, sensitive skin products and plenty of water can work wonders! 
Hugs are not just for children
Moms hug and kiss their babies all the time. It’s such a positive feeling to give unconditional love! Many new mothers even reckon that they can experience a rush of happiness that lasts long after they’ve held their babies. But, you’re a human being, and sometimes you don’t just want to hold. You also want to be held. Don’t let your baby come in between your relationship with your partner or your friends. Of course, you’ll have less time for each other. But do make sure every day to hug and hold hands. Everyone needs physical contact for their wellbeing. 
Kids ask you for help, but who do you ask?
Too many parents feel ashamed when they experience self-doubts. There’s a common misconception that, once you become a parent, you need to know everything and act with self-assurance to become a positive role model. In reality, you are not flawless, and you need to embrace your little knowledge holes. Don’t be afraid to ask a specialist when you’re unsure of yourself. Whether you need to call your mother for a quick tip or whether you find a friendly consultant to guide you, you have the right to ask for help at any time. 
In conclusion, we can’t say it often it. Don’t ignore your needs, emotions, and doubts as a mother. Learn to balance them alongside your duties as a parent. Think of yourself as a beautiful diamond: You have more than one face, and they can all shine at the same time! 

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