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Step Into Fitness With These Four Tips.

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Taking a step to get into shape is one of the most important ones that you make this year. A lot of people feel guilty about their relationship with food, and this is usually because they do not have a positive or strong relationship with it at all. Choosing to step into fitness, supplementing a diet that’s a work-in-progress with exercise is important, so well done you for taking that step. 

The one thing to remember is that it’s not going to happen overnight, which means you have your work cut out for you. It’s always smart to get assessed by a doctor before you start any health regime, to be aware of any hiccups in your health and understand your body fat percentage and what the healthy weight for your height is. You should also be aware of any foot pain doctor nearby that you can speak to about the pressure of exercise on your feet over a period of time and what you can expect. Even though it all sounds like a very long process, getting in shape, it’s a process that you should want to embrace. After all, this is your health we’re talking about. Here are some tips for your fitness success.

  1. Exercise Daily. No matter what you do, 30 minutes of exercise a day can make a massive difference to your health. You don’t have to kill yourself with a high-intensity load, but you should have something every day that raises your heart rate. There are several HIIT workouts that you can do on YouTube, or you can choose to take up running or strength training. If you aren’t interested in this type of exercise, perhaps a sports club or class every day could be beneficial. Even something as simple as walking is going to help your health to improve.
  2. Caloric Deficit. As part of your new fitness regime, nutrition is important. The single most important thing to remember isn’t about cutting anything out or following a fad diet; it’s knowing your calorie intake. If you know your calorie intake, you can look at the number you eat and take that down. TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) calculators like this one can help you to understand what you should be eating.
  3. Sleep. Most jobs are 8 hours a day and this makes it easy to fit in a decent sleep every night. For those on shifts, however, it’s not always that easy. Six hours of sleep is only enough for some people, and without adequate sleep, you can’t recharge your batteries ready for the next day. 
  4. Motivation. One of the biggest things that you need to remember is that you want to set goals and keep your mindset as positive as possible. Pushing yourself to that optimum fitness level that you want to achieve is going to keep you going - especially when you start to see good results. 
Don’t wait to get your fitness up - you can start today and imagine just where you’d be in six months.

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