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The best foods for game day (featuring. Farm Rich Snacks & Appetizers).

(This is a sponsored post from Farm Rich.)

Hi friends!
It's coming! It's near! Don't fret, don't fear. It's loud, it's green and brown, hot players and
touchdowns! If you're a football fan in need, then this post is for you indeed. So, call up your
fam, your friends, your neighbors too. Because I'm about to tell you just what to do. But if you're
still in a panic because you have nothing planned, then Farm Rich snacks and appetizers is your
man! (And don’t miss details on the game-day party in a box giveaway below!)

The big game is coming! Oh yes. Who else is excited? Even though my favorite team didn't make
it to the big game day, it's still super fun to celebrate. So, in today's post, I am giving you the
best foods for the game. Oh, and of course I am doing it with the help of the one and only Farm Rich.

Farm Rich snacks and appetizers are sold at grocery stores all around the U.S. and are known for
a huge lineup of some of the best-frozen snacks, appetizers, and BBQ. Farm Rich offers quality
ingredients that are not only delicious but very easy to prepare, giving everyone a wide variety
of options to choose from. With everything from Meatballs to JalapeƱo Peppers to their new
Grilled Cheese Sticks and so much more in between, Farm Rich products are extremely
convenient as they double for fast snacks or quick meals prepared in only minutes. You know
what else Farm Rich doubles as? Great game day food!

So, for the big game day, I'll be homegating, which is basically tailgating but in the comfort of my
own home. So, I'll be inviting everyone over to get cozy and watch the big game and importantly
eat. That's where Farm Rich snacks come in. All I have to do is just pop ‘em in the oven, set ‘em
out on the table and keep the party going. For the biggest game of the year, Farm Rich is a must-
have. So, what are my favorites on game day?

Well, I love all Farm Rich products but my absolute favorites for game day homegating would
have to be the Farm Rich Mozzarella Sticks that are breaded and seasoned to perfection and
made with rich 100% mozzarella cheese. They are great for dipping and perfect for grabbing to
snack on during the game or in between commercials. Another favorite product I love is the
Farm Rich Loaded Potato Skins, made with crispy Idaho potatoes and stuffed with cheddar
cheese and bacon. When we're not snacking on these during game day, we’re eating them for
dinner too. These both go great with cute football themed decor, a good game, and good
company… you can't go wrong. And I can always grab them in the freezer section at my local

So, for your game day, homegating party do yourself a favor and grab some flavor with Farm
Rich Snacks and Appetizers!

And, don’t forget to check out the Farm Rich Instagram Page @FarmRichSnacks for info on their

(This is a sponsored post from Farm Rich.)

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