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What’s in my Lily Jade Diaper Bag?

Hey moms!
 what do you guys keep in your diaper bags? I’ve noticed lately either when I’m out with my other mom friends or when I am out with my kids at the park each mom has something different in her diaper bag. I think it’s pretty cool to see all the different things each mom carries for her little ones. Don’t you?

 Recently I was lucky enough to have received another bag from Lily Jade (read about my 1st one here) and it is absolutely beautifulThe bag I received goes by the name of The Shaylee. There are actually two Lily Jade Shaylee’sOne with magnetic pockets, and this one in particular with zippered pockets. The outside of the bag is a gorgeous blush and gold color. while the inside is lined with Jade. It actually took me a while to even take it out the box because I did not want to get it dirty. This bag is literally perfect. The bag can be worn as a messenger bag or as a backpack. It includes a detachable and adjustable strap, a leather tassel with beads and it also features its very own changing pad. But my favorite feature? The 12 pocket organizer. This organizer is removable and washable. Plus it has a bunch of pockets for storing everything you need in your diaper bag. Which brings me to what’s in my new Shaylee diaper bag?

1. Extra pair of clothes: I feel like this is a freaking must have with toddlers. Rather they spill a juice box on themselves or kids just being kids an extra pair of clothes are great.

2. Undies: This goes along hand and hand with clothes because accidents happen.

3. Wipes: These are great for potty breaks or even messy faces.

 4. Hand sanitizer spray: I love my hand sanitizer spray, while most people prefer the original gel stuff. I feel like when you have toddlers the spray is so much easier and less a mess. Shout out to my friend Sam for suggesting the spray. 

 5. Band-Aids: If your toddlers are like mine they are super accident prone... Either that or they just really loving using band-aids as stickers. Either way, it's nice to have them on hand. 

6. Snacks: Because being a toddler is rough and you gotta eat.

7. Kids flosser: Just like mommy my girls hate getting food stuck in their teeth I always keep a few kids flossers in the zipper of my bag.

8. Misc.: Then we have the random things like my wallet, keys, sunglasses I might even keep a cell phone charger in there because hey it’s my bag too right?

 So I hope you guys enjoyed my awesome new Lily Jade diaper bag and my diaper bag tour. Which brings us to this question. What’s in your diaper bag?


  1. I would not have guessed that was a diaper bag. It's so cute! It sounds like it's super roomy too, and I love that there are multiple carrying options. I definitely am in search of a new diaper bag that is more versatile. I'm adding this one to my list!

  2. This looks so spacious and fashionable !