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Aria's potty training (update part.2).

Hi friends!
It sure has been a while since our last potty update for Aria right? You can read the first one here and the second one here. Well, I am finally back with an all-new update.

Well, I wish I could say that I am happy to report that Aria is 100% potty trained but that just isn't the case.

However, I have come to terms with this and realized that its okay. Aria while tiny is her own person and she will get there when she gets there. For now, I am just happy to help her achieve that goal in every way possible. So here's what we have.

Fully Potty trained?: No.

Wearing diapers?: No

Wearing nighttime diapers?: Yes.

Swim diapers?: No

Accidents?: This is something that she's struggling with. Although I try to ask her every 15-20 minutes if she has to go, she still has accidents. Not so much when we're out but more so at home. This is the number one thing we are working on.

How do you deal with accidents in public?: I also carry two pairs of leggings in my diaper bag. I also carry extra undies and wipes. I typically will just clean up the area and then walk her to the bathroom where I generally will have a quick talk about how she cannot potty on herself in public. 

Does she tell you when she has to go?: She does but usually but then it's too late shes already gone.

When do you think shes be 100% trained?: When she's ready. But like I said before I'm just happy to help and shes how much shes progressed. 

Until the next update guys.

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  1. Aria sounds like shes pretty much potty trained to me. Way to go kid!