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Hit Up Your Health.

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What’s the latest health and fitness fad to hit up our social media platforms? Are we drinking the right detox drinks or eating the right Superfoods? It’s all too easy to get taken in by the latest trend, particularly when backed by a celebrity but we all know that these things are just fads right? They don’t really work in the long run.

So, what does work when it comes to giving your life a more healthy, more active boost and what can help you feel and look your absolute best? Hint: it’s not a detox drink!
The truth is that if you want to be your fittest, healthiest self it requires sheer work and determination. It’s as simple, and as hard, as that. There are many, many diets out there that promise great results and if you stick with them, like a diet with Noom, they will work but many people find that while they do show results in the short to medium term, the weight can come back and even more so in the longer term. What happened, did you fail? No, the diet failed you. There aren’t many that help people stay at their target weight once you’ve arrived there and this acts as a huge discouragement for so many people who take on the challenge of a diet. It can also be seriously demotivating and depressing.
Instead the secret is making small, life enhancing changes that bring you big results further down the line. If you don’t think that extra few minutes’ walk you take each day on your way to work is making any difference, think again. You’re making a great investment in your cardiac and respiratory health and helping to control your weight. In the long term this is going to give you far more than losing and gaining a few pounds here and there.
The trick is to keep this long term, bigger picture thinking in your mind when you’re thinking about making changes. Picture yourself now and into the future with lots of energy and vitality, enjoying your kids and grandkids. From that viewpoint, you’ll make the changes that you need to get there, and it doesn’t just have to be about losing weight. If you could stand to cut down on how much alcohol you drink, that might be an area you look at. If you need to stop smoking, that too needs your attention. But it might be other things like keeping your brain and your body more active and giving yourself a few more challenges in life to take on in order to get the most out of it and yourself.
Thinking of your body and your mind as an investment is a great way of encouraging yourself to make great health deposits and create habits that achieve your health and lifestyle goals, now and long into the future. Small changes now will lead to a happier and healthier you and that’s well worth investing in.

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