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Making Sure Your Backyard is Presentable in the Lead Up to Spring.

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We are well into the New Year and while the weather may still be a little chilly, many of us are turning our minds towards the Spring months and are wondering where we’re going to start when it comes to transforming our neglected backyards into presentable and accommodating spaces. If we’re completely honest, you’re probably going to have a bit of a task on your hands. But with hard work, time, and effort, you should be able to get things to where you want them in time for the arrival of good weather! Here are just a few different steps that should get you started off in the right direction!

Cutting Down Long Grass
While grass does tend to grow more slowly during the winter months, many of us are reluctant to head out with a strimmer and lawnmower when it’s frosty and cold. So, there’s a pretty good chance that your grass is well overgrown by now. The first step that you should take towards straightening up your yard is to cut this grass down. Not only will this make the space more presentable, but it will minimise the risks and dangers in your outdoor space. After all, you never know what might be hiding in long grass. Sharp and jagged rocks might have made their way onto the ground, ground may have become uneven with water exposure or frost, and other debris may be present. Shorter grass exposes faults and gives us the opportunity to rectify them.
Feeding Your Grass
We know that we should water our grass. But have you ever considered feeding your grass? Sure, grass can usually get by independently. But if you really have neglected your lawn, you may have left leaves scattered over it during the colder months, and this could have blocked light, preventing your grass from photosynthesising and causing it to brown and die. Grass feed can give your lawn a new lease of life. Alternatively, you could scatter seed and encourage more grass to grow anew!
Removing Dead Wildlife
Unfortunately, sometimes you may find that wild animals have passed away whilst in your outdoor space throughout the winter months. Whether this is due to natural causes, or a cat catching them and ditching them while passing through, chances are that you’d rather avoid having to deal with this situation yourself. Not only is it a sad task to carry out, but you don’t really want to teach any creatures that may have died from disease, or may be harbouring bacteria. The good news is that Tyler Pest Control can carry out this work on your behalf. Try to call them sooner rather than later, especially if you have pets of your own and you want to avoid them coming into contact with the deceased creature.
Ensuring Your Fences and Gates are Secure
The fences and gates that separate our properties from the rest of the world can get a little battered during the winter months. Harsh winds can blow them about and cause them to become unstable or even fall down. So, check the security of these features. You don’t want a last straw or slight knock to cause the fences to come tumbling down on you when you’re relaxing in the garden during the summer months! If you do find that your fences are a little wobbly, you can call in a professional to refit the panels for you.
Creating a Bee Friendly Haven
Many of us want to have plants in our backyard. They help to add a splash of colour to the scheme of things and many also have wonderful scents that add to the atmosphere even further. But why not help other creatures when it comes to choosing the plants you’re going to have in your backyard? Bees are currently in danger and their numbers are dramatically declining. By choosing bee-friendly plants, you can provide them with an environment that can help them to survive and boost their numbers! So, why not consider annual scabacious, bee sage, rosemary, sea holly, common poppy, goldenrod, and lesser snapdragon?
Investing in Some Garden Furniture
If you’re planning on spending more time out back, or are considering hosting events or entertaining guests, you should really put some thought into investing in garden furniture. This will provide you and others with a comfortable space to sit in and rest outdoors. Avoid making the mistake of simply putting regular furniture outdoors. This will generally not stand up to the elements in the same way that specially designed furniture will. While you should always store garden furniture away overnight (so that it is sheltered and remains dry), it does tend to be designed to withstand a little more wear and tear than regular furniture. You can range from something as casual as a deckchair or bean bag to whole corner suites! So, browse the options that are available to you and opt for whatever best suits your garden’s individual style and overall design.
Installing a Pond
Ponds don’t tend to be the best option for those of us with children or pets (after all, water can pose a serious safety risk), they are an option for those of us who are safety conscious around water and don’t have dependents to worry about. They are a great feature when it comes to filling your space with aesthetically pleasing installations and if you want to go all out you can even add fountain systems. On top of this, you will create a new source of water for wildlife. You will have your very own little ecosystem on your land! Ponds can provide a source of water for birds, small mammals, and various different types of amphibians such as frogs, toads, and newts.
While you may have been a little lazy with your backyard during the winter, it isn’t too late to turn things around in time for spring! So, consider incorporating some of the above steps and suggestions into your outdoor space as soon as possible!

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