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Our Disneyland Trip (Part. 1)

(I received Disneyland tickets for review, however, all opinions are my own.)

Hi friends!
I am so excited to write this blog because as you guys know we recently went to Disneyland. After being on this earth for 29 years I had never been. Of course, I heard all about it. The park, the rides, food, parades, characters the list goes on and on. My entire life I had always wanted to go and have the experience. Most importantly I always wanted Ivy and Aria to be able to experience it as well. So instead of throwing the girls birthday parties this year, we decided we would head to Disneyland instead.

Let me tell you, this trip was beyond anything I ever imagined... 

Let me start off by saying I absolutely love Disneyland. But I am going to be totally honest in this post and part 2. From the good to the bad and everything in between, I am telling it all. I know many of my readers have waited for this blog and I am so happy to finally bring it to you guys an honest blog in two parts (day 1 and day 2).

Heading to Disneyland Day. 1

The Airport:

On February 2nd we left Sacramento via airplane. We flew Southwest. One of the things I love about Southwest is they make it incredibly easy to travel with kids and strollers. They also allow two bags to fly for free which is awesome. Ivy and Aria had never been on an airplane before and were so excited for them. We did not tell the girls where we were going until we were actually leaving to the airport (watch the video here).

So when we arrived at the airport we checked our bags in and went through the TSA. If you haven't traveled with toddlers before on an airplane well congratulations because getting through security is one hell of an interesting time. Once we got through security and got on the plane Dayjhan sat with Aria and I sat with Ivy. We wanted them to both be able to have window seats. The girls weren't scared at all. The plane took off and being up in the clouds was the coolest thing in the world to them. Although the flight was an hour and a half the landing part wasn't as easy breezy as taking off part. The girl's ears began to hurt and they both screamed and cried. Despite having gum it didn't seem to work. Needless to say, we were happy when we finally landed and all was right with the world again. 

Ivy was so shy when everone sang happy birthda to them,

The Hotel:

We headed to our hotel via a Disney bus which was an add on with our room. From LAX to the hotel was about a 45-minute ride. The girls watched Hotel Transylvanian 3 on my phone to stay occupied. They used their brand new Sound Puro headphones provide to us by the company. They used them on the plane too. The girls loved them especially having them in their favorite colors (Ivy pink and Aria purple). Huge thank you, Sound Puro!

When we got to our hotel Paradise Pier it was very nice. Staff was friendly and provided us with cute vacation buttons and a ton of information. Although the elevators were very confusing we figured em out. Our room was nice as well and spacious and the cleaning ladies were very sweet and went above and beyond when they cleaned our room the entire stay. Our room always looked brand new after they came. However, I was a little disappointed in the decor. There were a few Disney themed items. But I felt like it could have been more for the cost. The girls, however, enjoyed the beach ball pillows and the constant Disney Junior channel playing on the television, I think they really appreciated all the free Vamprina too. Later after settling in, we ordered Red Robin because though there were many options for room service they were a little pricey. We only used it once for drinks our last night there. We stayed at Disney's Paradise Pier hotel a total of three nights. 

The next day was Disney day! Extremely excited we woke up early for character breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen which we booked three weeks prior to arrival. They always suggest you make reservations as they get crowded fast. Ours was for 8:45 am. The kids weren't use to waking up so early but they did well. Character dining is very pricey but here's a tip kid's under 2 are free which is nice. After paying we immediately took photos with Goofy and received birthday pins for the girls. Goofy was the first character the girls met. They were so happy! Breakfast was buffet style with so many options, everything from traditional breakfast foods with a twist like Micky Mouse shaped waffles to nontraditional foods, things like chicken and waffle pizza, ice cream and crazy desserts. During breakfast, the characters came around the tables one by one and interacted with families, posed for photos and signed autographs. Every top of the hour they even came around danced and waved napkins over their heads for a mini like parade. Ivy and Aria loved this. Aria loved meeting Minnie Mouse so much she actually wouldn't let her go when she hugged her. It was the sweetest sight. We stayed for about an hour and then finally headed to the park.

Iv's actual face the moment we walked into Disney. Probably my favorite photo ever.

We had park hoppers and max passes. A park hopper is a ticket that allows you to hop from Disneyland to California Adventures. The parks are only a few feet away from each other. The max pass is an add on you get to your ticket that allows you to jump on the Disneyland app and reserve rides you would like to go on. Once you reserve your ride it will give you a certain time frame. In that time frame, you will skip the regular line and jump in the fast pass line. The fast pass line is typically really short and you would only wait a few minutes in line, as appose to waiting in the regular line for a very long time. But what people don't tell you about Max Pass is that it cannot be used for every ride. I was sort of sad about this. The max pass does have a cool feature though. It allows you to download free professional photos taken around the park of you and your family by photographers. It's really convenient and my favorite feature. So yes, I believe its still worth buying. Especially if you have little ones.  It also rained both days we were there which sucked but we made the best of it. That's another thing. Many people say "oh it's so great when it rains, no lines, no people." Um, not true. Don't believe the hype. There were still many people and many lines. Plus some rides were closed and the parade was canceled. So no. It's not awesome when it rains. In my opinion! However, they do offer things like ponchos you can buy and umbrellas to stay dry.

Closed for construction. Hopefully next time will get to go inside.

So once we entered the park my husband took us photos in front of the main entrance. It was adorable it had Mickey Mouse's face decorated with hearts. I'm guessing for Valentines Day. We didn't have a game plan for day 1, all we knew is that we wanted to see the entire park before going home.

We started off with Tommorwland where we rode Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster. This was Ivy's favorite ride! Yes, we were all able to ride as a family. We tried to mainly get on rides that we could all go on together. We headed next door where the girls wanted a few toys from Toy Story store (can't lie I did too). For the most part, the toys were okay priced. We also got cotton candy which was so good, I ended up buying three more containers before we went home. We then headed to Pixie Hollow where the girls met Tinker Bell. She was sweet and took a ton of photos with them. After we finally got some ears I opted for rose gold and the girl's opted for pink sparkly ones with a tiny train hanging down. After a few photos by the famous "Its, a small world" wall went on the ride as a family. Ivy loved this one too! The ride was long and pretty cool. Though two weeks later and the song is still stuck in my head lol. We jumped on over to New Orleans Square (I have no idea why we skipped so much of the park but we did) and we went on the Haunted Mansion the ride. It wasn't scary to me and my husband but Aria covered her eyes the whole time. The girls hoped to see Princess Tianna on the mark twain but due to the rain, she did not come out. We deiced that we would jump over to California Adventures as it would be getting dark soon and only had a park hopper for that day. But before we left I grabbed a dole whip float which many of my friends suggested and it was so good! Ivy and I also grabbed a Micky Mouse shaped treats, cookies, and Giant lollipops. 

California Adventures:
We entered the park and the first thing we did was go to the Disney Jr Dance Party. There all the kids and parents got to have a fun dance party that included a show with characters like Doc Mcstuffins, Vamprina, Micky Minnie and more. It even included bubbles, fake snow, and confetti. The girls and I even got a minute of fame when they showed us on the on the big screen. It was cool. Next, we went on the Monster Inc. ride. This was a fun one the girls enjoined all the monsters and narration.

"Look ma, I'm on TV!"

Right across from that ride was the famous Buzz Lightyear wall. If you know me you know I love Toy Story so we were at this wall until my husband got my photo right ha. He loves me. We walked through the park heading towards Cars Land but Ivy and Aria fell asleep. It was crazy Aria actually fell asleep on my husband's shoulders while Ivy fell asleep in the stroller. This has never happened before and not having a double stroller we deiced to head back to our hotel, let them sleep and change into some dry clothes. Later once the girls were awoke changed we headed back to California Adventures to finish our adventure.

My Husband really wanted to get on the Soarin' Around The World ride. But Aria was too small. So he and Ivy rode together instead. As they did that me and Aria rode the Golden Zephyr. She was too small for Jumping Jellyfish which we attempted first. When my family all got back together we rode the Pizar Pal-A-Round Ferris wheel. My husband hates Ferris wheels so shout out to him for getting on with us. The line was sort of long too (couldn't use Max pass for it). But Ivy and Aria made a pair of girlfriends around the same age as them, which kept them occupied in line. My husband had a fast pass for Guardians Of The Galaxy for him and Ivy because again Aria was too small. So we had to hurry back to the other side of the park so they could get on that. As they rode that Aria and I ducked into some shops to look around. 

We decided it was time to get out of the park and get dinner. But not before we got some photos with Mickey Mouse. California Adventures was so fun. We did miss the World Of Color show which was canceled and we also didn't get a chance to ride Toy Story Mania or The Little Mermaid ride. So that is totally on our to-do list for next time.

We went back across the way to Disneyland and was just in time for the firework show. It was beautiful. The music was fun and it totally made up for the parade being canceled. Once that was done we had Pizza Planet for dinner. My Toy Story dreams came true. As a kid, I always wanted to eat at that place. The mozz-114 pizza is a must-have! We deiced to end our night an hour before the park closed. Our feet were tired. Tummy's full and heart's happy. Despite the rain, our first day  Disneyland was a dream come true and this was only day 1.

To be continued...


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