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Our Disneyland Trip (Part. 2)

(I received Disneyland tickets for review, however, all opinions are my own.)

Hi friends!
I am back with my Disneyland part 2 post! If you missed part 1 or wanna recap you can read it here. So lets jump right to it.
Disneyland Day 2.

So waking up that day we knew this would be our final day at the park. So we pretty much vowed to do everything we didn't do the first day. We also vowed to make it around the entire park in one day and stay there from open to close. We wanted to be there when the park opened so we headed out at 9:00 am. Once we arrived and got through the gates we decided to do some more photos at the main entrance this time family photos with one of the Disneyland photographers. We even hid a few rocks for Ryan rocks while waiting in line. (read about Ryan here). Once our photos were done I got the girls and I "Our 1st Disney trip" pins. Fun fact you can go into nearly any shop at Disneyland and get one of those pins, you can grab a birthday pin as well.

Grabbing our pins we decided on the Carnation Cafe for breakfast. Upon arriving at the cafe we had no idea they had character dining. This is something I wish I had known before we ate at Goofy's Kitchen the previous day. Because not only do you not need a reservation but they also have cool characters, pretty much the same foods and it was nearly $60 cheapier! So I would totally say head there if you wanna do character dining instead.

The first ride we got on was the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. We got on as a family and it was very neat. We took an underwater adventure and the graphics were so real, it felt as if you were in the movie. Next, we got on Autopia. Max pass could not be used for this and we ended up standing in the rain for a while in line, but the girls had fun. I rode with Ivy, my husband with Aria. The girls drove while we controlled the petals which were a fun time because of course, the girls thought they were driving themselves. The next ride we hit was Buzz Lightyear Astro Blaster again per Ivy's request. After my husband wanted to ride the Starwars ride. So we did some shopping in the Toy Story store while we waited for him.

We headed down to the Royal Hall so the girls could meet the princesses. I think this was the highlight of the trip for them. The girls got to meet Princesses, Snow white, Arella, and Cinderella. They even convinced me to purchase them princess themed toys in the gift shop. Behind the Royal Hall was Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which Ivy and Dayjhan rode. It wasn't easy it took some convincing for Ivy to get on but she liked it. 

A little further down was Fantasyland This is an area I'd definitely recommend this for the little ones. The girls could easily ride everything there. We rode Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Casey Jr. Circus Train and King Arthur Carasol. Before the girls were over it and wanted to get on the  "Its A Small World” ride again.

Toon Town was our next spot which was super fun. We all got on Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin ride and pretty much visited every house in town. The girls got to meet Goofy and even Minnie Mouse. They actually baked a cake with her which made their little day. This mama was hungry for lunch, the parade was soon and we still had a lot of park ground to cover before closing. We went back to New Orleans Square for some lunch at the French Market, and can I just say Disneyland has the BEST chicken tenders! honestly. One of the workers even comped us a free drink for the girls birthday which was sweet :)

The girls and I got a front row spot for the parade while my husband went to go ride Indiana Jones Adventure. Ivy ended up falling asleep but actually woke up just before the parade started. I know many people typically line up about an hour before the parade but we lined up only 30-25 minute before and was able to get a good spot. The Disneyland parade was nothing but perfect. My whole life I dreamed of being there watching a parade in person and right before my eyes and it was finally happening. I felt so incredibly grateful. I was especially happy I got to be there right at that moment with my girls. It was everything. The girls even got to finally see Princess Tiana who waved at them. One of the dancers in the parade even stopped to say Happy Birthday to the girls. Halfway through the parade, my husband joined us and we finished watching as a family. Here I was with my family at Disneyland, under the stars, watching the parade. A dream.

When the parade was over we headed back into a shop and grabbed some more goodies for the road. This included candy apples, rice Krispy treats, suckers, chocolate dipped marshmallows and more. At this point, we had made it around the entire park. For Dinner, we were going to head to New Orleans and try a new spot but the heart wants what it wants so back to Pizza Planet we went. I told you we loved that mozz-114 pizza in part 1 didn't I? we also had pasta and breadsticks this time around. the girls even had a special alien macaron for dessert. For about 4-5 hours we had zero rain which was great, but suddenly it started pouring. We ran out ducked into a shop on main street for some last minute merch and it was time to go. Only 10 minutes before closing but we felt as if we served our purpose and our Disneyland day was done. Back to the hotel, we went. My husband was wonderful enough to not only push the stroller in the rain all the way back to the hotel that night but the entire trip so I wouldn't have too. Huge shout out to him for that.

 Once we got back to the hotel we got a goods night rest, packed in the morning and it was time to go back home. Before leaving the hotel I was lucky enough to get to meet one of my favorite moms from Instagram named Lyndsey (follow her here). Lyndsey an I had talked online for years and never met so it was cool being able to do that. When we got to the airport we grabbed some Chick Fil A and it was goodbye LA. I'm so happy to report Ivy and Aria did amazing on the flight back home. I took a tip from my cousin and some of my followers on Instagram to give them suckers instead of gum which worked like a charm. But yeah there we were back to reality back in Sacramento.

This trip to Disneyland was incredible. All of that magic people tell you that you feel at Disneyland is 100% TRUE! It's a place you can go that warms your heart, a home away from home.
The happiest place on earth :) A dream come true.
I can honestly say this was our most amazing trip together as a family ever.

Thank you, Disneyland today, tomorrow, forever


  1. I've never visited Disneyland during Valentine's Day, but of course, it looks so cutely decorated! Glad you had fun!

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  8. Looks like your first Disneyland trip was a magical experience for the whole family. I've traveled to quite a few places in the world, but there's no place better to vacay than at Disney!

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