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How To Get Self-Care Right.

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We’re living in a society now where self-care is everything. And look, we’re not complaining about this, but it’s OK to be more than a little skeptical about a 30 minute yoga session solving all of your problems. Whilst self-care does look different for everybody, then, there are some things that work for almost everybody out there, and they’re based upon the needs that we all have. We’ve put together a simple list, so that you can get your self-care right, and it doesn’t involve any detox teas or complex ideas, either. Phew.

Take some time out for ‘me time’
Look, everybody needs time alone sometimes, no matter whether you’re a busy Mom, or you live on your own. A lot of parents feel guilty about taking time to themselves, but you don’t have to run away to the Bahamas for weeks. In fact, you could just spend an extra 10 minutes in the bath, reading a book that you’ve always wanted to read, or you could just relax alone in the evenings sometimes. Aah, how we wish that you could order red wine online. Seriously, though, taking time out for yourself is one of the most important things, so make sure that you incorporate it into your life.
Get in some sleep
Sleep is one of those things that we all love, but none of us can seem to get enough of it. No matter how tired you are in the evening, there is always something to do, and this is especially the case if you’re a parent. However, sleep is really important for self-care, and without it, you could find that you just feel a little bit lethargic. You can only really take on the tasks of the day if you’re well rested, so get an early night in, or visit the doctors if you’re having real issues sleeping. After a while, you’ll really start to realize that a lack of sleep is taking a toll on you, so look after yourself and sort it out!
Don’t follow the crowd
When it comes to self-care, we’ve seen almost every trick in the book. Somebody, somewhere, has come up with a life changing piece of advice, and now that it’s in Cosmopolitan, it’s basically self-care law. Whilst this can be helpful for new ideas, don’t get too hung up on how other people are doing self-care. Ultimately, you have to find something that makes you feel great, and you have your own unique needs and interests. Self-care to some people may be going for a 5 mile run, and self-care to others may be sitting around on the couch eating chocolate. It comes in various forms, and that’s OK!
So, if you want to make sure that you’re getting self-care right, take some time to yourself (if you can) and get in those hours of sleep that you really need. However, the main thing to remember is that self-care is about you, and what you want and need, so decide what would benefit you, and make sure that you do that!

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