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No Excuse Exercise Options, For Even The Busiest Of Moms.

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Moms, you know that your job is one of the biggest privileges in life, but it's also genuine hard work! I'm not talking 9-5 hard work here either, but all day, every day 24/7 responsibilities, and as rewarding as this is, it can leave you running on empty and struggling to find enough time and energy to even wash your hair, let alone exercise. Of course, it can become a catch 22 situation because it's excise that floods our system with endorphins and makes us feel energetic as well. In fact, that is why I have had a think and come up with some ways that mean, no matter how busy you are you can still fit in some exercise and movement. Just read on to find out what they are below. 

Stroller running 
The first option to consider that is works even when you have a very young baby is stroller running. Of course, there is no need to panic here if you aren't up to running yet, as you can also jog and walk as well. Just remember to listen to your body after the birth of your child, as well as get the go-ahead from your doctor, as the aim of this exercise is to boost your physical wellbeing, not do it damage. 
Also, don't forget that you will need the right type of stroller to be able to run effectively, and deal with different types of terrains. Happily, there are now a good selection of pushchairs that have effective shock absorbers,  foam tires, and even three wheels in a triangular formation. All things that can help you when running or walking, as they not only make it easier to push the stroller but also ensure Baby has a more comfortable ride as well. Something that is crucial if you want them to be soothed off to sleep by the movement of your run. 

You may even be lucky enough to find a stroller running group on your areas which meets in the day. Then you can get together with other moms with whom fitness is a top priority, and not only work out regularly but get some socialization in as well. 
Home workouts 
The next option to consider is a home workout. The advantage of this being that you don't need to worry about investing in expensive equipment, or finding childcare either. In fact, you can often fit in a short workout while the kids or napping or are otherwise engaged, something that can be a real lifesaver for moms that wouldn't be able to find the time to exercise in any other way. 
Of course, one issue that you may come across is what workout to choose, as there are so many of the market including DVDs, tutorials on Youtube an even live streamed lessons that you can work along with from the comfort of your own home. 
The best thing to do here's to pick something that you both enjoy and that is suitable for your current level of fitness. Otherwise, you will make it much more difficult on yourself to continue your practice routinely. After all, it is you that will have to motivate yourself when it comes to home workouts. 

Also, don't forget to consider the results you are looking for when it comes to choosing the workout you will do. This is because HIIT activities are better for improving general fitness and burning calories, while Yoga and Pilates will have more of an effect on flexibility, and stress management. 
Although, nothing is stopping you from combining different types of workouts during the week to ensure you are working across all of the areas you want addressed. 
Classes with childcare 
The next option to consider is finding a group session like Body Pump classes, Zumba, or even Les Mills in a gym where they offer creche facilities or kids sessions at the same time. The idea being that you can drop the little ones off for some active fun, and then take your own class without having to worry about them. 
Sadly, not all gyms have these facilities, and it's well worth doing some research around your local areas to find one if you have kids. After all, it can help to provide you with a little quality me time during the week as well as a workout, and that is something that most mommas will truly value. 
Child and mom yoga 

Mommy and me yoga is another fantastic choice for moms looking to maintain a regular exercise routine, but that don't have access to childcare while they exercise. In fact, such sessions are designed to be done in pairs or groups with the kids participating in the class alongside of mom. 

You will also find that the benefits of such classes go well beyond just the workout they provide, and also include getting your little ones into great habits regarding exercising regularly early on in life, as well as providing an opportunity to spend some quality time together. 
Working out at work 
For moms that work, or work at home there is another option that can help them to keep to a regular exercise routine too. This option is all about doing your work out as you work, something that is gaining popularity in offices and home offices through the country. 
Now, to do this effectively, you may think you will need to turn up at your job clad in lyric and start doing lunges at your desk, but this really isn't the case. 
In fact, there are now some pretty sophisticated pieces of office equipment that are available that allow you to do some gentle exercise over an extended period, while you simultaneous type away at your computer answering emails and fulfilling tasks. 
The first piece of equipment like this that you may wish to consider is an adjustable height desk. This is a desk that you can make taller, and so work at in a standing position. This being something that is not only good for your posture but can actually help you to use more calories through the day too.  
Once you have of one these you also open up your working day to other forms of exercise including walking on a desk treadmill or even cycling at your desk. Both of which can increase the calories that you burn, even while at work. 
It is worth noting, however, that you won't be getting quite such an intense workout as you would if you headed to the gym for an hour session of CrossFit. Although, because you will be working out for a longer amount time and can regularly schedule this type of activity into a day where you would typically be sedentary, working out at work can make a massive difference to your over level of fitness and health. 
Also because you are using your time well, it means that you don't have to worry about exercise when spending time at home with the family and dedicate your time solely to them.   
Weekend fun that also gives you a workout 
It's not just your work time that can be used for more workouts either, but also your leisure time as well. They key here is to build it into your weekend as a fun activity for the whole family. Something that can help you from dropping out, and slobbing on the sofa even when your energy levels are low. 

Hiking as a family is a great exercise choice for moms. 
In particular, taking the family for a bike ride can work well, and you can even use trailers for kids that aren't even old enough to ride their own bikes along your route. Alternatively, heading to the park for a game of catch, or tag can be tremendous fun, and as you will be playing along with the kids a fantastic work out as well. 
Dance classes for social and exercise purposes

One of the last options to consider is teaming up your exercise activity with another part of your life, so as a busy mom, you don't have to find time to do them both. One such activity that can work particularly well for this is a social dance class, an activity you can do alone or even with your SO, ticking the box of quality time together as well.

Of course, there are a large number of dance classes available including line dancing, ballroom and even salsa as well, and you will find that many of these run in clubs rather than gyms too. 
Making a case for me time 
Finally, it is also important to remember that as a mom you have a lot on your plate, and one thing that you could benefit from is some uninterrupted me time. Time that you could then use to work out in if you so choose. 
What this means is that it may be worth having discussing with your SO about your own needs, and agree that a few times a week they will take responsibility for childcare and leave you free to pursue your exercise routine. 
After all, exercise it is something that as well as getting you out and about can make a massive difference to how you feel physically and emotionally, and is therefore worth pursuing, no matter how busy your responsibilities as a mom keep you. 

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