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3 tips for adjusting kids to Spring (featuring. London Littles)

(I received these products for review, but all opinions are my own. This is a sponsored post by London Littles.)

Hi friends
Well, we are just a few weeks into spring I can’t contain my excitement. If you follow me on Instagram then you know that I have not been the biggest fan of winter this season. This winter was pretty much 90% rain. I was pretty much 100% not a fan! So while I’m so happy it’s coming to an end and Spring is coming I’m feeling a bit weary too. 

I love spring! The holidays, the colors the weather. But for little ones, it can be hard to adjust to such a season or any season as quickly as us adults do. 

So in today’s blog, I’m sharing my 3 tips for adjusting to spring with the help of my good friends over at London Littles (check out my last two blog post with then here and here). Who gifted the girls with their Darling Purple rain boots. By the way, you can actually use these tips for any season but since spring is the most current season I thought it would be best to focus on that. 

1. Pack up winter clothes and make room for spring wear: spring has the most beautiful colors of pastel and vibrant mixes. So I enjoy packing away the dark winter wear and taking out spring items. Let your little ones help you pack winter and unpack spring. Let them pick out some fun bright colored clothes like twirl dresses or cute suspenders. Or even something super adorable like London Little rain boots. They go with any and every spring outfit and at only $34 a pair they are the perfect spring shoes! Plus right now through Sunday evening they are actually only $24! What a steal. 

2. Slowly get back to outdoor activities: Being cooped up in the house because of the cold winter weather can be rough. As hard as it may be to not jump up to run outside to play in that spring weather slow down! Just because it’s spring doesn’t mean it’s warm right away. You can still easily catch a cold out in that lingering winter weather. So when you pack up winter make sure to leave those coats out for just a little while longer. I know, I know the sunshine can be tempting.

3. Prep for daylight saving: Not many parents seem to think about how this one will affect their little ones but it does. Just like adults, little ones sleep and daily schedules are affected by daylight savings too. Doing things like taking naps, adjusting bedtimes schedules, and eating right can all be great for preparing your child for daylight savings. 

So I hope these simple tips help you to help your little one adjust to the spring season. Don’t forget little ones look super cute in London Littles boots when adjusting too :) happy spring friends! 

Thank you, London Littles, for the girl's boots!
You can check out London littles HERE.
You can purchase the girls Darling Purple rain boots HERE.


  1. London little boost looks super cute and comfy. Will suggest my aunt get for her lil one. ��

  2. That outfit with the boots is so adorable! My girls would be all over this style!

  3. So pretty, the girls, the dresses and the boots. Absolutely a very spring riot of colors. Good tips to prepare for spring.

  4. Spring fashions for girls are so fun! I am loving your girl's little rain boots and colorful dressed as too cute. I hope they have a great spring!

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