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3 tips on how to get your family to drink more water. (featuring. Primo Water)

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Primo Water.)

Hi friends!
I have a fun fact for you today. Did you know that during the entire month of January I challenged myself to drink nothing but water! Yep. It was rough for me because I'll admit I was never a big water drinker. But upon being told by my doctor that I needed more water in my life I made that change. I was so tempted to grab a Starbucks or a soda, but I didn't! As the weeks passed I started noticing how much better I felt only drinking water. My skin looked better, my mood was better, I felt just all around great. After the month was over I told myself "self we shall keep this up and continue drinking water daily!" So far so good. But ask for the rest of the Carr family? hmm, not so much. So I took the time and thought of 3 tips on how to not only get my family to drink more water but your family as well.

We all know the importance water plays in our lives as I just talked about a little bit above. So being able to get my family on board with me was very important to me. When I learned about the Primo Water Dispenser and all it has to offer I was sold and knew that this would be a great chance to help my family.

So what's the Primo Water Dispenser? The Primo Water Dispenser is a dispenser that provides safer drinking water. Primo water goes through a multiple step process of purification which does include reverse osmosis to be able to eliminate the potential of any harmful contaminants. Which is amazing because of the potential harm contaminate such as lead, PFAS, mercury, chlorine and much more that are sometimes present in tap water. Insane to think about your family drinking those things right? 
With Primo dispenser families are more likely to drink up to 25% more water, they call those bulk family water drinkers. More water ultimately could mean healthier habits in life. Which is fine with me because a cup of water keeps the doctor away I say. One of the best things about Primo is that every bottle is sanitized and used 40-50 times before made into a new bottle. That means just 1 Primo bottle saves 1100 single-use bottles from making their way to landfills or the Pacific. Saving the world and drinking water! Primo also makes refilling your despiser easy too. With thousands of local retailers across the US and Canada. Plus free 48-hour shipping. Basically, it's like the best thing ever. So what are my 3 tips on getting your family drinking more water?

1. Buy a Primo Water Dispenser: If I didn't convince you before on how great the dispenser is then guess what? Every dispenser purchase comes with 2 free coupons to get you started on drinking Primo water! convinced now?

2. Make it fun: This one is mostly for kids because of course, little ones would rather have sugary not so good juices right? So make drinking water fun. Tell them stories about how the creatures in the ocean are big and strong because of water. Or tell them about how water can make them big and strong :)

3.  Create a family goal/chart: Drinking water can be so much super fun for your body so reward yourself and your family with some fun too. Creating a family goal/chart can be simple and easy. Say for every cup a day each family member drinks you guys can mark it down on a chart maybe with a fun colored marker or stickers. Once you have a certain amount of stickers for the week you guys can head out and do something fun as a family. Maybe see a movie or buy something new for the house. Goals on top of goals now that's what I call motivating!

So, friends, I hope this post helps to jump-start your family in the right direction and get everyone motivated to get out there and drink more water!

Huge thank you to Primo Water for our dispenser!

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