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How to choose the perfect sunglasses for summer with

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Hi friends!
Did you know there are 78 days left until summer? But I mean who’s counting right? 78 days left to get that summer body in the gym! 78 days left to plan that summer vacay! Plus most importantly 78 days left to create the perfect summer wardrobe! But I mean again who’s counting? :) 

But you can’t have the perfect summer wardrobe without the perfect pair of sunglasses, right? Of course! So thank me later but today I’m helping you choose the perfect sunglasses for summer!

With so many frames on the market, it could be a hard choice. What brand? What style? What features? Well I’m making shopping for sunglasses way easy with 3 super easy steps on how to choose the perfect ones for you with a little help from my friends over at is a site that has the perfect sunglasses and brands for everyone! Yep! and I’m not just talking sunglasses either. I’m talking about reading glasses, computer glasses, glasses for men, women, and children! Even swim goggles and accessories galore! There's a pair for everyone. I knew immediately that this was the place I wanted my sunglasses from.

So how do you choose those perfect sunglasses? Simple:

​1. Choose a price range: offers glasses for such a good deal you’ll wanna buy them all. So it’s best to start your shopping within a price range that fits your wallet. Plus it makes it easier to know exactly what you’re looking for.

2. Pick your color & frame shape: Now that you have a budget find the colors you want & the frame shape you like. Another easy way to know what you’re looking for and save you some time. makes this easy to do with options to not only choose your color & frame shape but to also choose the brand. They even have this neat option called “Virtual”. Virtual is where you can actually record a short video of yourself trying on the glasses! It’s so cool to be able to virtually try them before you actually buy them! 

3. Read reviews: Shopping for sunglasses can always be fun. But it’s important to read reviews too. That way you’ll have honest inputs on your purchase from others who have tried them before you.

Well, friends, I hope this helped you out a bunch to find those sunglasses you’ve been searching for! The important question now is what will you wear to compliment them? Hmm. 

Even Aria wanted in on the fun. Check her out in mamas shades.

Huge thank you to for my cool new sunglasses! Thanks, friends!

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  1. I don't wear sunglasses much but I like window shopping for them. :0)

  2. Now these are real classic sunglasses! I am having early 20s vibes!

  3. Thanks for reminding me I almost forgot that I have to get a new pair of sunglasses this summer. 😀

  4. Yay! This couldn't have come at a better time! I need a new pair of sunglasses. I have to check these guys out.

  5. looks like a great place to find cute sunglasses! I think I'll buy my next pair from there.

  6. Discountglasses seems to be a great place to order sunglasses. I hope they have a good range. Will have to check it out

  7. Kristine Nicole AlessandraApril 4, 2019 at 7:50 AM

    I will check out this website. I like the idea of being able to "virtually" try some sunglasses before you purchase online. That is so cool! I like the pair you picked. It compliments the shape of your face perfectly!

  8. Tiffany La Forge-GrauApril 4, 2019 at 12:47 PM

    That is a really nice pair of shades! I love getting new sunglasses.

  9. You picked a really great pair! I would love to get a pair of my own too!

  10. I love the classic sun glasses. In Vegas, it's a vital part of your wardrobe...which is funny since I only own 2 pair!

  11. Its Sunny Season! These look like a great pair to start of the season!

  12. I desperately need a pair of computer glasses. I will check out the price range and the reviews on that site. I have no idea I can order sunglasses online!

  13. That looks like a cute pair of sunglasses. I hadn't heard of this website before.

  14. i also keep all these pints in consideration before purchasing sunglasses!