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How to make loosing a tooth extra special with The Toothless Monster.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
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Hi guys!
March 31 Ivy turned 5 years old. Coincidentally it was also the day that she lost her very first tooth. Ivy was so excited! I was so shocked, I had no idea her tooth was even loose. That night Ivy went to sleep early with so much excitement about the tooth fairy coming you'd think it was Santa Claus coming instead. When Ivy woke up she found that the tooth fairy had left her a few things, $5, a brand new toothbrush, gold coins, and even a toothless monster.

When I first learned about The Toothless Monster I thought "this is so cute". Upon doing more research about this little monster I learned that not only was he cute but also a whole new learning experience. This little monster would not only teach Ivy more about the tooth fairy but also teach her about being different, helping others and conquering that new toothless smile of hers.

The Toothless Monster was accidentally created by a husband and wife duo one day on vacation in Central America when their then three-year-old daughter asked them "Where do teeth go when the tooth fairy takes them?"Like all parents put on the spot they improvised quickly and created the tale of a toothless monster who lived right in the heart of the Central American jungle who was in need of a little help and teeth. When the duo arrived back home after their vacation they realized that this wasn't going to be just a tale they told their daughter. This was going to be something much bigger. This was going to be a magical experience for all little ones. This was going to be The Toothless Monster.

So how does The Toothless Monster work? Well, The Toothless Monster is a stuffed animal monster that comes in a box set with a book. In the book, the monster named Monte meets the tooth fairy and must earn his teeth. A fun spin on reality because we all know that in real life when little ones lose their teeth and earn their dollars. I won't spoil the book by going into complete details but so you know Monte learns valuable lessons that teach your little one it's okay to be different and have fun doing so. The box set also comes with a tooth chart that allows mom or dad to keep track of when their little ones lose a tooth. Monte comes in either the color blue or a purple edition a girl named Meli. The monster has a small beanbag insert that allows him/her to sit up right next to your little one so he/she's ready to go when the tooth fairy makes her arrvial. Also underneath the monster's tongue is a secret insert to keep your little one's tooth nice and safe until the toothfairy comes. The box set also includes a set of plastic teeth that can be used when your little one loses another tooth so their monster can gain one. The Toothless monster is best for ages 5+.

Ivy absolutely adorded her Meli. She was so happy to get her in the mail and when I read her the book being able to put a face to a name made her even more excited. She apperiected the fact that Meli gained a tooth in the exact same spot as she lost hers in, she found it so funny. Ivy loosing her tooth was so wild and unexpected but so exciting and memorable. Though The Toothless Monster does not replace the tooth fairy with The Toothless Monster by her side loosing teeth will always be an extra special experience. Will be using our little monster for many more teeth to come.

Thank you Three Little Hens LLC for Ivys Toothless Monster box set!

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