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Our romantic getaway to Staypineapple in San Fransisco, CA.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Staypineapple Hotel.)

Hi friends!
Last week my husband and I did something we don't get to do very often. We took a quick little couples getaway together. There were bikes, there was pizza, there was romance.. and oh yeah.. there were pineapples too!

Yes, my husband and I had the pleasure of staying at San Fransisco's very own Staypineapple an elegant hotel located in the heart of Union Square. We had been planning this trip for some time and having switched our dates due to my husband's crazy work scheduled a few times, but we finally were able to book a date! We had never been to Staypineapple before but upon reading other reviews and looking at photos we were so excited! And let me tell you this the excitement only grew bigger once we arrived.

Check-in isn't until 4:00pm at most hotels and this one was no exception. Although we already knew that when we arrived at 1:45pm, the staff was incredibly polite and allowed us to store our bags with them until our room was ready. They even valet parked the car for us too. Meanwhile, we were exploring the modern day decor in the lobby. Gold and black everything set the tone for a great Gatsby feel. My husband appreciated the soft lobby chairs and bar. I appreciated the elegance of the entire lobby as a whole. Making me feel at home yet and I hadn't even been to my room. The woman at the front desk suggested that we explore the city via bikes since we had a few hours to kill. See at Staypineapple they have the cutest pineapple themed everything, decor, food and of course bikes. The bike rentals and helmets are always all free of charge for Staypineapple guest which is great because bike rentals in the city get really expensive. So two pineapple themed bikes later we were off.

We received a map from the front desk and even though we've been to San Francisco numerous times playing tourists in the city never gets old. With Union Square only a 5-minute walk from the hotel we opted out for Pier 39 instead because we love it there the most. Pier 39 was about a 2-mile bike ride from our hotel but we were up for the challenge. We rode through China Town where we worked up an appetite so Dayjhan suggested that we grab lunch and eat in the park, so sweet this husband of mine I tell you. We stopped at a small pizza joint called Slice House where we had giant pepperoni pizza slices and lemonade. After we were done eating we hopped back on our bikes to continue our journey to the pier. We arrived and immediately started shopping of course. We did some fun stuff like the 7D experience and mirror maze before we grabbed some treats to take back to the hotel because now it was time to check in.

Back at the hotel we grabbed our keys and took the elevator to the 6th floor.  Staypineapple hotels are located all over the country but this particular Staypineapple has 7 floors with either elevator or a super fun colorful stairway option.  Staypineapple has really cool features beside those colorful stairs too. With a full bar, a bunch of gathering room options and amazing pineapple cake they are also pet-friendly. Yes, bring your furry friend with you on your romantic getaway if you please. Hey, who said pets don't like to get romantic? When we got off the elevator one of the first things I noticed was the walls. Each piece of art was unique and the mirrors hung perfectly.

Our room was everything! Once we opened the door we were greeted with the most amazing natural lighting. This was beautiful, especially as the sunset, it was very romantic. 
The views of the city itself were enough to make you fall in love with your spouse all over again. The bathroom was nice and I loved the fact that the tissue was made into a pineapple. The shower was modern with no door, yet very spacious, enough for two people if you ask me. The room was of course decorated in all things pineapple from the charger port to the pillows pineapples were everywhere. I found it super cute!

Speaking of pillows and the bed was life. My husbands first stop when we got in the room was the bed. He loves testing out our hotel beds right away. You'd literally sink right into the bed in our room. I have honestly never felt a softer bunch of pillows and blankets ever. The bedding is trademarked as "The Naked Experience". Trust me when I say the name tells no lies. The best part is there were two blankets one for me and one for Dayjhan. Double the cuddling and double the softness. We both slept really, really good that night. Other aspects of the room included a coffee maker, good sized mounted TV, adorable do not disturb I'm naked sign and wild yellow robes that we lived in for hours. We also had a nice bucket of our favorite soda drinks awaiting us with a sincere note from management. The room was better than anything I could ever imagine. Dayjhan and I fully enjoyed it. Next morning we woke up and lay there forever, we didn't wanna leave but unfortunately, it was time to go.

Check out was very simple and quick and valet brought our car around in minutes. After we left Staypineapple we headed to Sears for breakfast suggested by my good friend Karen. Then stopped by the painted ladies and the Ms. Doubt Fire house before we hit the road back home.

We did a lot in such a short time period but no doubt my favorite part of this trip was being able to just relax at Staypineapple with Dayjhan. Staypineapple is the ultimate hotel for families, pets, or in this case a romantic getaway. Here's to many more trips there and many more pineapples.

Thank you Staypineapple Hotel for our couples getaway!
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  1. The Staypineapple is so cute!

    1. I wish I could go back to that day :( so much fun

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