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Ivy's licorice.

Tonight something happened that I wanna share with you all. I typically don't post random blog's or even blog's in the middle of the day like this. But this was a special moment that I wanted to share. An since this is my online diary so to speak I decided to stop everything I was doing, grab my laptop and write it down so I'll remember it forever and ever. 

If you're familiar with my blog then you've read the segment "Ivy says". If you're unfamiliar with my blog then you should know Ivy says is a segment where I post some of the funniest and outrageous things that Ivy says. Well, this blog is definitely an Ivy says moment but it was too special to me so I decided to give it, it's own post. This afternoon Ivy was sitting down when I looked over and noticed she was eating a piece of licorice. It was pretty much almost gone, about as small as a penny. So I just grabbed it out of her hand and said to her "let mommy have the rest" and I ate it. Ivy responded by screaming, crying and telling me I was mean for eating her candy. I replied to Ivy that I do so much for her on a daily basis and it's really rude for her to cry over me eating a small piece of licorice. Ivy didn't care. She continued to throw her fit and scream and cry. I walked out of the room. About two hours passed when I came back to the room to fold laundry and Ivy walked up behind me and handed me three pieces of licorice. Ivy said to me "mommy I'm sorry for how I was mean to you about the licorice. Here are 3 pieces for you because I want to be a nice kid. I love you and I think I'm kinda sorry." She then gave me the biggest hug. Twice! and a kiss on the face. I told Ivy she sort of hurt mommy's feelings but I love her and accept her apology. She responded with another hug and another sorry. Boy oh boy. This kid of mine. She is only 5 years old and this tiny little human has so much compassion in that heart of her's, it damn near brings me to tears writing this. My sweet Ivy Rose. You may not understand right now but someday when you're a mom and you read this post you'll understand the depth of this entire situation and just how much you made my night with those 3 pieces of licorice. 

I love you, Ivy.

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