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3 Places you should take your Lily Jade bag this summer.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Lily Jade.)

Hi friends!
Have your little one's school got out for spring break yet? Maybe so? Or are they currently on spring break right now? Either way, spring break just signifies the last hoorah before summer. Yes, the biggest break of them all. With the kids being out of school that means endless playdates and family fun trips. So of course as a mom and the boss of the household clearly you'll have a lot on your plate, like planning those family trips in your planner, scrolling through the gram for swimsuit inspiration on the iPad, toting the kiddos snacks from place to place all summer long. Phew, the list goes on and on! it's rough right? So obviously you'll need a fab bag to keep all the stuff organized. But not just any bag. A Lily Jade bag.

Unfimialr with Lily Jade? Well, it's pretty much the best diaper bag on earth find out why here. Oh and find out all the things I keep inside of mine here. So having a Lily Jade diaper bag you can't go wrong. With a Lily Jade bag, the summer season is yours. You're conquering it your way. But again you'll need to stay organized so that's where Lily Jade comes in. With a 12 pocket organizer being organized through all the water balloon fights, sticky popsicles tantrums, and anything in between that summer has to throw at you-you'll be ready. I stay ready with my Galena and Gold Shaylee bag. It holds all the summertime fun items and my favorite part? Well, let's just say I'm not mad at those magnetic pockets. So where are the top 3 places you should take your Lily Jade bag this summer?

1. Family Vacation: Without a doubt, your bag has to go with you on any family trip especially during the summer. With the larger pockets and detachable straps not only will you keep everything in order but comfortably too.

2. To the water park: Is it even summer if you don't hit up a pool? my girls love swimming and they are currently taking lessons now. So I foresee many days by the pool, water park and splash pad in our future. With a Lily Jade bag our towels, sunscreen, and super cute sunglasses are just a magnetic pocket away.

3. Summer night outings: Lily Jade bags don't just look great in the sun! They look great under the stars too. With so many events going on during those warm summer nights, put the kiddos to bed and go grab a drink or hit up a karaoke bar with your girlfriends!

So I hope this helps to make your summertime a little bit more enjoyable. May your summer be wet, wild and filled with Lily Jade!

Thank you, Lily Jade, for my Shaylee bag!

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