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3 ways to help you kick butt durning Brik at KaiaFit.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post from KaiaFit)

Hi friends!
Happy Sunday! Do you know what this week is? It's the most amazing, super exciting, out of this world, off the hook, take a double look, because you're about to leave em shook week!
Yassss! it's Brik week!!!!!

Now if you don't know what KaiaFit is or brik for whatever reason you can read about it in my last post here. If you are familiar with KaiaFit and brik well then aren't you lucky:). As you know this week is the official start of the 2nd brik session for the year. Brik is three times per year and runs for 6 weeks.  During those weeks will you attend an orientation where you are weighed, measured and basically taught everything you need or wanna know about brik. During this 6 week bootcamp, you will challenge your mind, body, and soul to become a better you. This is my first brik Session and I am so excited about it. So I thought I would put together 3 ways to help not only myself but you as well crush brik!

1. Set a goal:  Rather you are setting a goal to drop 10lbs or setting a goal to cut out the Starbucks these 6 weeks will fly by. So having a goal set for yourself is key. Even better set multiple goals for brik. Maybe drop 10lbs and the cut the Starbucks why choose one when you can choose both? Although it's important to remember to set realistic goals for yourself and also not to put to much pressure on yourself as well. Especially if it's your first time like mine. Although I have 2 goals for myself this brik session I feel I can handle them. I will share those on my next Kaia post.

2. Show up & show out: Any woman can show up at a brik class but it takes a strong woman to show out. Grab those dumbbells, grip that TRX rope, do that extra squat, run around the building an extra time. Showing out doesn't mean impressing others, it means kicking butt while your there and pushing yourself a little harder then you did yesterday!

3. Have a good support system: No matter if your doing brik alone or going with a friend it's important to have a good support system to cheer you on. Your husband, wife, child, friend, co-worker anyone who supports you and keeps you going. But don't worry because if you feel like you don't have any of those things you have me and you have all the support of the ladies at Kaia.

So, friends, I hope to see you at KaiaFit for brik during these next 6 weeks and I hope these little ways help you during your journey in a big way. Don't forget brik sessions runs from 5/6-6/15! Also, brik is usually $249! But right now you can use code PORSHACARR and get your 6 weeks of Brik for $139!

Happy Brik friends!

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