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5 tips for a better nights sleep as a parent.

Hi friends!
Ever heard the expression “sleep like a baby”? I'm sure we all have, right? Having a good night’s
sleep is the best and it's something everyone needs. May is Better Sleep Month. Yep! sure is.
May is the month that encourages us all to sleep better and sleep well. So today I have teamed
up with the Better Sleep Council to not only give you guys tips on how to sleep like a kid but
also what helps me sleep, too. Are you ready for the best sleep you’ve ever had?

As a parent, I often watch my kids sleep. I think for a lot of us parents it just gives us a peace of
mind knowing that they are cozy resting and now it's time for us to rest too. But, it can be hard
to sleep like our little ones. As parents, we hold the weight of the world on our shoulders. We
work all day, then we get home and we are chefs, maids, human tissues, boo-boo kissers, and
story time tellers. We do it all and then some. We deserve a good night’s sleep too. I know it’s
easier said than done, so sharing my tips with other parents like yourselves will hopefully allow
you to get the sleep you deserve. So what’s my bedtime routine?

My kids are in bed by 9:00 and well around 9:30ish I usually start to get ready for bed myself. I
typically light a candle, then I tidy up my room because I can't sleep if my room is messy.
Depending on the day I may shower at night instead of the morning. I can guarantee you'll sleep
better after a warm shower :) After my shower and my favorite PJs I then blow out the candles
and the aroma floats around the room. It's such a nice smell to have to float around before bed.
I then practice my gratitude and off to bed I go. So what tips can I pass along to you, my friend?

1. Create a bedtime routine: Bedtime routines aren't just for little ones, and as a matter of
fact, I sleep better when I stay on my routine. Having a routine keeps you in order and
allows you to stay on track so you can get all your hours in.

2. Make your little ones comfortable: Little ones are notorious for waking us up during the
night. So when you make sure they are comfy, you will be too. Make sure they have their
bedtime snack, favorite teddy bear, night light, bedtime story, or whatever it is to make sure
they get a good rest. It makes a world of difference for your rest.

3. Cozy PJs: This one is super important because if you're uncomfortable how can you sleep
well? Find a pair of pajamas you love and sleep in those. Buy a few extra pairs so you don't run
out when they get dirty.

4. Have a glass of water: Water is good for you and bonus! you can still drink it after you brush
your teeth. You can even leave a cup on your side table in case you get thirsty in the middle of
the night.

5. Play music: What I didn't mention in my routine is that I play classical music every night
before bed. I sometimes even fall asleep with it on. It relaxes me and makes me good too.
So friends, if you wanna sleep like a baby or just have a good night’s sleep like me, take these
tips into consideration. Use mine or create your own tips out of these ones. Do whatever you
need to make yourself feel great so your sleep reflects that. Now excuse me - off to bed I go.
Sweet dreams.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Better Sleep Council.

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