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Happy Mothers Day.

Hi friends!
Mother’s day is Sunday and I have to admit its one of my favorite holidays and I might be a little bias being a mom but man I love the day. 

Since I became a mom 5 short years ago so much has happened. I've learned so much about myself, who I thought I was, who I am now as a person and most importantly how strong I am taking care of two little women. Raising them, teaching them right from wrong, guiding them. I'm just so darn proud to be their mama. 

I am also proud of all the strong women in my life who are mothers. From my own beautiful mother to my sisters and all my girlfriends, they are all such inspiring moms. They make this mom thing look easy, I love them and look up to them every day. Being a mom is far from easy and they do it effortlessly. I'm honored to be amongst them.

Mothers Day is the day we celebrate and rejoice the women who sacrificed their hearts for ours. 
Happy Mother’s Day mamas.

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