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How Barbie is inspiring little ones to be artists with Crayola.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own.)
(This is a sponsored post from Crayola & Barbie.)

Hi friends!
As a parent, I love discovering new ways to get my little ones into doing activities to express themselves. Since they are so young and can't always find the right words to do so. I love finding creative outlets for them to be able to tell me how they are feeling, what they want or need. Now I have a little help from my pals Barbie and Crayola. 

Yes! it's true Barbie and Crayola have teamed up and created some really fun ways for little ones to express themselves. Together these two amazing brands have combined into one. Not only allowing kids to express themselves but to have a good time while doing so.

When the girls both received their packages in the mail they were so anxious to rip em open. The boxes were huge and featured the Barbie and Crayola logos on the outside. While the outside packing was nice they were even more amazed at what the inside had to offer.

Inside the box featured super cute yellow grass and underneath it was a Barbie doll. My girls screamed and grabbed their dolls, but wait there was more! Underneath that doll was a huge briefcase and another big box. The surprises were never ending! So let give you the details on exactly what they got inside.

Barbie Crayola Rainbow Fruit Suprise doll: This beautiful brown fruity scented doll was so much fun. This magically Barbie came with two plain white outfits that when revealed colorful fruit patterns when you drew on them using a wand and water. Once dry the outfits would return back to their original white state where the kiddos could repeat the fun all over again.

Barbie Crayola Color Magic Station: This kit involved help from mom, but of course still very cool and easy for kids to use. The kit included washable color paints, stencils, outfits, color magic station, and a Barbie. With these, you just insert colors into the magic station, insert the outfits, twist the handle and boom! your little one creates a neat DIY Barbie dress. No mess! No stress!

 Barbie Crayola Inspirational Art Kit: This art kit is every kid's dream. Made to resemble a briefcase the kit featured Barbie and Crayola on the outside. With easy opening latches, the inside featured a large arrangement of over 100 art supplies. Such as markers, crayons, colored pencils, and drawing papers. My girls loved this so much! They immediately started to draw rainbows and stick figures. They loved the assortment of colors and I loved how organized it was for them. Be sure to check out all kit here.

The girls entire kit is valued at around $100.00 each and I would say is worth every single penny. I'm so excited my girls had the chance to review this and hope your little ones enjoy it just as much. 

Huge thank you to Barbie and Crayola for the kits!

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