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My half way brik update at Kaia Fit.

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Me to the left, Coach Toni in the middle & Maria to the right for our Wednesday TRX class during theme week. On Wednesday we wear pink day :)

Hi friends!
Happy Friday! I just wanted to jump on here real quick before my insane weekend started to say hello and also to give you guys a small halfway update on how Brik has been going for me these last few weeks.
 Now in my previous blog post, I spoke a little bit about Brik here and here. But if you didn't catch those post let me tell you in on what Brik is in a nutshell. Brik is a boot camp where we push ourselves to kick ass for 6 weeks straight. Each week has a certain theme or goal for us to work towards while getting fit, making new girlfriends along the way and doing something for you!

We are now in week 4 of Brik and only a few days away from week 5. So I apologize because my update is just a little over half way. 

So how has Brik been for me? 

Well, these last 4 weeks have been nice, to be honest. I have been able to maintain my perfect attendance by going 5 days a week or doing a double or triple class. Yes, 2 or 3 classes in one day. I know I'm crazy. The coaches are really amazing and help me stay motivated by cheering me on when I wanna quit and hyping me up when I'm feeling myself:). Each week I will admit some classes have got really hard for me and some classes I actually see myself improving on. For example, hard: I took a barre class for the first time and it was crazy. For example, improvement: when brik started I could barely hold a 15-second plank, now I am able to hold my plank almost an entire 60 seconds. But hey I'm getting there. By far though the hardest part of brik for me has been eating right because if I'm being honest again I don't! and I'm not sure I can say I really, really try either. I am huge work in progress in that area. The best part for brik for me has been watching my body change. I won't go into much detail until my next brik blog update but I can say that I have seen my body changing and feeling the difference too. Even my husband noticed and he never notices stuff like that so that's a win, win.

Brik thus far has been an overall rollercoaster experience and with only 2 weeks left I am excited the end is near and I hope I will be able to say "I did it!"

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