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100 things to do with your kids for summer 2019.

Hi friends!
The other day I was hanging out with my girlfriends Maria and Erica. We took our kids out for a play date and some ice cream. It was fun, and pretty hot outside. That's when I realized that summer is almost here. Oh, shoot! Coming from a mom who's 5 years old constantly cries she's "bored" every 2 seconds I thought to myself I should probably think of some fun things do to with her and her sister this summer.  So I sat down and started a list of things to do for the summer. I started writing and writing and writing and before I knew it my list was HUGE. I'm not talking like 5 or 10 things to do. I'm talking about more along the lines of oh.. 100! So today moms and dads I share with you 100 things to do with your kids for summer 2019.

1. Sleep in.
2. Play dress up.
3. Make a fun breakfast together.
4. Pack a lunch.
5. Play a board game.
6. Finger paint.
7. Go on a picnic.
8. Watch a movie.
9. Go shopping.
10. Have a tickle fight.
11. Build a fort.
12. Take a nap.
13. Make popsicles.
14. Go see a movie/ go to drive inns.
15. Go see a play.
16. Attend a concert in the park.
17. Feed some ducks.

18. Dance.
19. Go to the zoo.
20. Play on the playground.
21. Fly a kite.
22. Jump on the bed.
23. Lay under the clouds.
24. Go swimming.
25. Go to a birthday party.
26. Hit up a water park.
27. BBQ together.
28. Draw a picture.
29. Read a book.
30. Grab some shaved ice.
31. Go to a baseball game.
32. Play dolls/action figures.
33. Build a Lego town.
34. Go grab icees/slurpies.
35. Go strawberry picking.
36. Plant something flowers/plants/food.
37. Make your own coloring book.
38. Ride bikes.
39. Ride scooters.
40. Put on a puppet show.
41. Visit the aquarium.
42. Play tag.

43. Have a water balloon fight.
44. Take a road trip.
45. Have a playdate.
46. Play a video game.
47. Go to the lake.
48. Go fishing.
49. Make bracelets/necklaces.
50. Bake something sweet.
51. Hula hoop.
52. Visit relatives.
53. Make play dough.
54. Make bath bombs.
55. Jump rope.
56. Play with bubbles.
57. Pillow fight.
58. Go to the library.
59. Go to the farmers market.
60. Discover a new splash pad.
61. Make a lemonade stand.
62. Paint rocks.
63. Play hide & seek.
64. Do a puzzle.
65. Get milkshakes.
66. Make Tye-dye shirts.
67. Start a photo album.
68. Make your own ice cream.
69. Attend a local summer event.
70. Face painting.

71. Watch fireworks.
72. Play with chalk.
73. Go on a boat ride.
74. Makeup songs.
75. Watch fun kid-friendly Youtube videos.
76. Play Charades.
77. Have a sleepover.
78. Go on a nature walk.
79. Go to a theme park.
80. Make slime.
81. Visit an animal shelter.
82. Jump on a trampoline.
83. Make cotton candy.
84. Go to a parade.
85. Have a party.
86. Play air guitar.
87. Go through a car wash (trust me kids love this..sometimes ha.)
88. Play in the sprinklers.

89. Have a garage sale. (Use the money for a summer treat.)
90. Have a staring contest.
91. Play cards.
92. Go hiking.
93. Visit a museum.
94. Go bowling.
95. Go mini golfing.
96. Make a movie.
97. Take pictures.
98. Have a bonfire.
99. Look at the stars.
100. Cuddle.

If you have made it this far friend then you are awesome. I hope you found a handful of things on this list for you and your little ones to do this summer. If I missed anything fun drop a comment and let me know. Also a huge shout out to the experts my daughter and niece for helping me with this list :) 
Have fun friends!

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