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6 Rules For A Perfect First Date.

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Looking for love can be a bit of a minefield. You might be looking to meet someone online or through a free chat lines company, or even through a social group. However you meet, the first date nerves are often still the same; you only get one chance at making a first impression. You might be meeting the person of your dreams on your next date: you don’t want to blow it!

Here a few things that you might want to think about before you set out on your mission to romance your future love:

Plan Your Date; But Leave Space For Spontaneity

Showing your new partner that you can show them a good time is important. Pick somewhere nice that you can go, make sure that it allows for you to be able to talk. Rock concerts, cinemas, or nightclubs might be poor choices. Restaurants are a good choice, find out what food they like before booking a table. Make sure that you dress appropriately and make an effort.

Don’t be too rigid with your plans, some of the best first dates end up where you least expect them, allow yourself to go with the flow.

Be Open Minded.

If you want to let someone into your heart and life, you need to be open to them. Don’t come into a date with preconceptions of how you expect them to be. They are their own person and deserve the same level of respect as you. Be sure and allow them to be themselves and avoid responding in a judgemental way.

Don’t Do All The Talking

Being a good listener is an important quality, and it is something that your date will be looking for in a potential long-term partner.

Taking an interest and asking the right questions will make your date feel special and interesting. Listen while they talk, keep eye contact, and enjoy their company.

Be Upfront And Honest

Be yourself. Pretending to be somebody that you are not will come back and haunt you. If you want to start a relationship with somebody, it is important to trust them and to allow them to get to know and trust you. Don’t exaggerate or lie to impress; you will look worse for it in the long run. If you are asked a question, don’t try to avoid answering. If somebody cannot accept you for who you are, then they are not the person for you.

Leave A Sense Of Expectation

The first date should always end with you wanting more. If you or your date don’t feel as though you want more, then there’ll probably be no second date. Keep the date short and sweet. A first date should be a positive experience, and it should end on a high note. If you want to meet again, tell them. Don’t play it cool, or keep them waiting. If you enjoyed the night, tell them.

Enjoy Yourself

One of the most important pieces of advice is to make sure that you enjoy yourself. It is as vital for you to enjoy the date as your partner. Try and relax, and remember to keep smiling.

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