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Ivy & Aria's Steve Wallen Swim School Update.

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Hi Friends!
Happy (almost) Summer! Where has the time gone? Why do I ask that? Probably because today is the day I bring you guys Ivy and Aria's 2-month update for their swim lessons at Steve Wallen!

Crazy to think it has already been 2 months since the girls started swim lessons right? If you didn't catch my first post about it then you can read it here. Ivy and Aria have really grown to love Steve Wallen swim school and I have too. Every week when I tell them "girls time to get ready for swim they cheer "yay!" and it seems like when we walk into the building they become more and more confident. I can't believe how only in a short two months these timid little babies of mine have become water babies! Oh, and I am not the only one who sees this. My friends and my family also can't believe how fast they are learning and growing there too. I had one of my friends tell me last week "I can't believe Ivy is swimming without floaties." and I had another family member ask me "how can I sign up my kids?" after seeing a video I recorded in class of Ivy and Aria retrieving a toy from underwater with their coach. Needless to say, Steve Wallen Swim school is no joke! This place is the real deal, I mean hello! have you seen these underwater photos? My girls would barely put their ear in the water now they are posing like models underneath it. Did I mention I absolutely am in love with these pictures?

So let me give you a quick update on the girls:

Can they swim?: The girls can swim attended.

Do they use floaties?: They do use floating devices in class sometimes.

Do they enjoy school?: They love it! They never wanna leave when it's time to go especially, Ivy. Yesterday I literally had to count to 3 to get them out of the water. 

How often do they practice?: Once a week at school. 

What have they learned so far?: The girls have learned to swim attended, they have learned to jump in under the water and swim back up, they have learned how to breathe underwater and right now are learning streamline swimming, floating techniques, and big arms.

How long will they continue to take lessons?: For as long as they can, I hope :)

So, friends, I hope you enjoyed this update and these wonderful lessons as much as the girls did. 
We will be back with another update soon so stay tuned.

Underwater photography was done at Steve Wallen Swim School by: A Poppy Photo

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