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Keeping the world sincere one Sincerely Box at a time.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by Sincerely Boxes.)

Hi friends!
Close your eyes. Close your eyes and think of the best day of your life. Did it make you smile? Now close your eyes and think of a not so good day you had. Did it make you frown? Point is in life we all have good days and we all have bad days. But the way we get through those days is with love and care from family and friends. Sincere ones.

Emily Masseau was on a work trip one day when suddenly her husband came down with the flu. Not being able to physically be there for him Emily searched far and wide online for a gift box of things to comfort her husband during his time of need. Emily's search came to an end as she found nothing. Nothing was personal, nothing was quality, nothing was sincere.
Just like that Sincerely Boxes were born.

Sincerely Boxes are well thought out gift packages for the special person in your life or even just yourself.  "The perfect gift that will connect you to those you love; minimizing the emotional distance felt by geographical limitations." When I stumbled across Emily's boxes in my heart I felt how sincere they really were and once I got to chat with Emily a little and learn more about the boxes I knew my feelings had been right. Not only were the boxes and Emily sincere but the message behind it was as well. So what is inside of a Sincerely Box?

Well, Sincerely Boxes come in a ton of different varieties for pretty much anything and everything you are going through in life. Let me take you through each one with a small overview.

Boxes & Products:

Affirmation box: A pick me up for your self-confidence.
Breakup Bandaid box: This one is self-explanatory right? "Alexa play Beyonce Single Ladies."
Office Tension box: Happy co-worker, happy life or something like that right?
Mini Spa Care package box: Need a spa day but don't have the time? How to abut a mini one.
Spa Getaway box: I'll talk more about it below.
Self Love Starter Kit box: I'll talk more about this below too.
Affirmation Cards box: Small reminders that we are worth it and we can do it.
I love Her box: Men send this sweet box of gifts to your woman.
I love Him box: Women return the favor and send one back.
I love Mom box: Hey mama needs some love too.
Survival box: Gotta friend or loved one on the go? This is for them.
Send Some Love box: Because we all need l.o.v.e

Then we have the Cheer up Collection:
This collection includes boxes for those going through hard times like maybe someone whos battling mental health, or recovering and needs to be cheered up. This box comes in 3 sizes.

Lift Up box: medium

Lastly, we have the Get Well Collection:
These boxes are for someone who is battling sickness and needs to feel better. These boxes come in 3 sizes as well.

See I told you there was a box for almost everything. So what did I get? Well in the mail, I was grateful enough to be able to receive not one but two Sincerely Boxes. I received the Spa Box and The Self Care box. Each box had different items in them that I felt were perfect for me. 

Upon opening the box I was so excited it was covered in brown wrapping paper and pretty purple ribbon which I didn't get a photo of because again I was too excited to wait. Inside the box, I found a few things:
-stuffed animal
-mood cards
-journal pens
-affirmation cards
-mini easel 
-tea bags
-honey jar
-chocolate bar
 I was immediately overjoyed by everything especially the personalized note with my name on it. It was so cute! I had spoken to Emily and told her this was the box I wanted to try mainly because I believe taking care of yourself is so important. Because if you're not well taken care of then everything else in your life just won't feel right. So I have been starting to practice self-care more. 

Although this box was initially for me and I was excited to receive it I handed it off to my sister. A sister always knows when her sister is in need. I knew my sister needed this box. An hey that's what Sincerely Boxes are all about right? My sister was shocked and she was so happy. She sent me a really heartfelt text about how this box was just what she needed for this time in her life. It made me smile. Love you, sis!

This box was such a surprise! Emily thank you so much for my extra box. The Spa Getaway included:
-salt crystals
-eye pillow
-chocolate hearts 
-handwritten notecards + envelopes
This box smelled amazing before I even opened it up. The day I got it I honestly needed a spa day, so it was just perfect for me. Pampering myself in a nice bath with it all. I even saved some for another day so I can enjoy a second spa day. Magical right?

I am in love with both boxes and couldn't tell you which one was my favorite even if I tried.  I just wanna say thank you to Emily for both boxes and for creating such a thoughtful gift for all of us. Because when you think about it Emily could have just easily created a box for her husband and left it at that. But instead she decided to share her boxes with us and for that now the world is a little bit more sincere :)

To find out more about Sincerely Boxes and how to purchase one you can click here.
Use code: PORSHA15 for a special treat of %15 of your box and remember to stay sincere, always.


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