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Living an Active Life When You're a Mom With Mobility Issues.

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This probably isn’t a late-breaking bulletin for many readers… But being a Mom is hard work. Not only is it mentally and psychologically draining (let’s face it, we worry about them all the time, and that alone can be exhausting), it can take a toll on us physically, too. Parenthood can be very physically demanding, no matter how old your kids are. Whether you’re playing with the kids in the backyard, keeping the home spotless (no matter how determined the kids are to make a mess) or trawling through supermarkets and malls trying to find the best bargains, motherhood is an inherently physical task. And even for the most able bodied of us, it can be exhausting.

Still, we don’t complain. Why? Because deep down we know that we could all afford to be a little more active. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the most common causes of some of America’s most troublesome health problems from obesity to diabetes and even some forms of cancer. Spending most of the day sitting can lead to a whole host of health problems. Still, what about those Moms who have either temporary or permanent mobility issues? How can they lead an active lifestyle to ensure that they are in good health and there for their kids when they’re needed.

If you’re a Mom who’s currently having trouble getting about, a sedentary lifestyle may seem unavoidable. But there are lots of ways to stay active even when you have mobility issues…

Weight it out

No matter how bad your mobility, it’s a great idea to at least attempt some form of strength training. Even wheelchair bound Moms can benefit from pushing weights in whatever capacity they can. Strength training is not only tremendously empowering for women, it can also help to reduce pressure on sore joints by developing the muscles that support them. It can also improve bone density and boost your metabolism so that you burn more calories even when you aren’t moving.

Get your heart pumping without getting your joints aching

Speaking of muscles, your heart is the most important of all. And if you don’t take steps to look after it now, it will only result in more problems in the years to come. The good news is that no matter how badly your mobility is compromised, there’s an excellent chance you can do something to give your heart a workout. Going for a jog or hitting the treadmill may be out of the question but how about using a rowing machine, static bike or even a hand bike?

Walk if you can, as often as you can

If you can walk with the aid of a cane or crutch, this alone is a great way to stay active. You don’t have to power walk or walk at a breakneck pace. Just enough to get your heart pumping and leave you slightly out of breath is enough to help keep yourself healthy and active.

Water way to exercise

Finally, if you struggle to get around on land, you may surprise yourself with just how mobile you are underwater. Swimming is both strength building and a great cardiovascular workout. What’s more, the water helps to relieve the pressure on sore, inflamed or damaged joints, making it the perfect workout for Moms with inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Stay safe, stay active, stay healthy and stay happy!

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