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Mom Hack: How to keep lunch time mess free with Brawny® Tear-A-Square® Paper Towels.

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Hi friends!
As you all know, I have two wonderful daughters. My daughters and I share a love for our favorite meal of the day, lunch. We love making lunch together. Getting creative, trying out new recipes, test tasting all the good stuff. However, one thing we don't share a love for? Cleaning up our mess after lunch. They have a delicious lunch and I'm stuck cleaning the mess. Mom life can be messy, but it doesn't have to be with Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels.

There are a million and one things in life that can get messy, but lunchtime shouldn't be one of them, right? Even with toddlers, this can be achieved when you have Brawny®. Since I was as little as my daughters are, Brawny® has always been used in our household. We used it on everything from spills, to wiping our faces, and anything else in between. When you find a brand you can trust, you stick to it like glue. Since we have been using Brawny® all these years, I know I can trust it in my home to get the job done every time. Which brings me back to our lunchtime dilemma.

So like I was saying before, the girls and I make lunch and I'm stuck cleaning up the mess. But things are changing now. My girls are finally at an age where they can understand that it's important to clean up their messes. So I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce them to Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels.

Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels are a new way to clean messes fast, including those lunchtime messes! Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels have three different options for the size of the sheet. They have a full, half, and a quarter sheet size. Three different size sheets for all life’s messes, whether big, small, or in-between. With Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels, you have the strength and flexibility to use only what you'll need, saving you not only time but money, too. While the full sheet is great for bigger spills and the half sheet is great for medium spills, the quarter sheet is my favorite, and is what I use on a daily basis. With the quarter sheet, it's small enough to maneuver around those tiny toddler hands, plates, and bowls, yet still, a nice enough size to clean up our lunchtime mess, too.

When I introduced the girls to Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels, they actually loved it. It was like a magic trick! Tearing one paper towel into 3 seemed to amaze their little minds. We made lunch, we ate lunch, and we cleaned lunch together! After I chased them down a little, of course. I mean, hey, we’re working with toddlers here people. Baby steps, right? I'm glad I got them going in the right direction and made cleaning fun for them with Brawny®. So mamas, trust me when I say that Brawny® Tear-A-Square® paper towels are the ultimate mom hack! And you need them today!

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