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Our Girls Trip to Great Wolf Lodge, Anaheim CA.

(I received this trip for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by Great Wolf Lodge.)

Hi friends!
How did you start your summer off? Ours started off with Ivy’s preschool graduation followed by some lazy days by our new pool oh yeah & of course a little girls trip to Great Wolf Lodge, in Anaheim California.

Great Wolf Lodge is a family-friendly resort and water park with a few locations located in the United States. This particular one we visited was located in Anaheim, California. Great Wold Lodge offers a ton of water park activities such as water towers, slides, lagoons and even a cub pool for little ones. Great Wolf Lodge offers other cool attractions outside of water options too such as an arcade, bowling, and so much more. There's also a bunch of activities aside from off that too. Yes! There's more! Insane right? Great Wolf Lodge offers things like lunchtime line ups, PJ party, and story time. My family and I were invited for a 2-day stay to enjoy the resort and all it has to offer. We had never been before so we were excited to get there. 

We arrived at Great Wolf Lodge on a girls trip. Myself, my mom and both my girls. It was already pretty hot once we got off the plane so we were so ready to check into the resort and get the fun started! We checked in with the front desk and the line was pretty lengthy, though they managed to get us through it. Our room was ready yet it needed one last inspection before we could head up. So in the meantime, we walked around and checked out our new surroundings. A while later we received a text that said: "room 347 is ready!" We headed right to our room where we were lucky enough to be placed in a Family suite. The family suite includes 2 nice comfy beds that slept 4, living area and 39-inch tv just to name a few of the features. The room was super spacious and clean. At last! we were settled, bathing suit ready and it was time to hit the water!

DAY 1:
We headed down to the indoor water park area. There the girls and I first stop was at the wave pool. My mom isn’t much of a swimmer so she enjoyed some good reads on one of the lounge chairs instead. The girls and I jumped right into the wave pool. They loved the waves crashing back and forth in their face. They even loved screaming at the top of their lungs when the wave pool alarm alerted them that the waves were coming. After about an hour in the wave pool, I convinced the girls we should go explore the rest of the water park. We headed to Whooping Hollow for kids and toddlers. Which was perfect for the girls. They had endless fun amongst other little ones their ages on the slides and water play structures. From there the girls played at Fort Mackenzie and Crooked Creek until they were all tired out of water fun. Once back at the room dry and changed it was time to get dinner. For dinner, we grabbed a pizza at Hungry As A Wolf. We took it back to our room to enjoy it in bed. My mom decided to settle in for the night so the girls and I ventured down to the Great Wold Candy Company for treats and arcade where they won so, so, so many tickets enough to walk away with a hand full of prizes including best friend heart necklaces that connected in the middle which was so adorable. We then grabbed ice cream cones from Bear Paw Sweets And Eats, which they had a great deal for. On the way up to the room but made a pit stop for a dance party in the lobby for the kids. The girls baby shark do-do-do-do-do-do their way back to the room for bedtime and day one was complete.

The next morning we slept in and woke up refreshed and ready to play. We decided since we spent our entire day indoors the day before we would hang out outside today in the outdoor pool. The pool was 3ft deep with fun play sutures similar to the ones indoors. If you follow me on Instagram and watched my stores you’d know I could not get the girls out of the pool for hours. I mean I’m kinda glad their swim lessons seem to really pay off. But it was definitely time to get out of the water after hour 3. Once out of the water we decided to have brunch outside of the hotel that day. While Great Wold Lodge offers many different and delicious options for food, it can get pricy. So we ventured down the street to Roscoes Chicken & Waffles then explored the area and did a little shopping in a nearby shopping center, which is a plus because it's close to the resort. Before heading back to the resort for the day. Of course, we had to grab ice cream again on the way up because hello it tasted amazing. The girls had a blast for day 2.

The two days had flown by so fast and unfortunately, it was time to say goodbye to the resort, our room, and all the watery cool fun. Checking out was made quickly with the convince of sending a text to the front desk to say we were leaving. All in all my girls had a wonderful trip, great staff, tons of activities and memories made forever!

Huge shoutout to my mom for coming along with us and helping take care of the girls. Getting us to Anaheim safe and sound. Love you, mom! 

Thank you so much to Great Wolf Lodge for hosting my family’s stay and making this girl's trip a great way to start to our summer! 

To find out more information about Great Wolf Lodge or how to plan your stay visit here.

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