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Sacramento Mommy Flamingle Party.

This blog post contains sponsored links from many wonderful shops who sponsored various items for our mommy blogger/vlogger party. All opinions are mine alone. 

Hi friends!
I can't tell you how over the moon I am to bring you this blog post. For months on top of months, my good friend Maria (Moms Of Sacramento) and I had been working tirelessly night and day, day and night to pull this off. We sent countless emails, had a ton of meetings, messed up and fixed things, fixed things and messed up but we did it! We finally managed to pull it off. Pull what off?  
The Sacramento Mommy Flamingle!

Sacramento Mommy Flamingle was our very first blogger/vlogger mommy event. Inspired by similar mommy events from some of my favorite blogger/vlogger moms in Southern California I knew that this was something mom's in Sacramento needed too. The event would be something small you know food, goodies, decorations, music and of course 11 local moms that could come together and talk about all things blogging and vlogging. But I couldn't do it alone. I remember the day I texted Maria a few months back and was like "hey I got this crazy idea." If there was anyone I knew I could count on to be as crazy as me it was Maria. Maria got on board and we went to planning our event immediately. There wasn't one day that didn't go by where I didn't bug Maria's brains out. She is such a busy mom, wife and boss but she literally did so much. From naming the event to finding us food. Maria, I love you. I am officially calling you one of my best friends. Thank you for everything.

So SMF (Sacramento Mommy Flamingle) was not easy to plan and from day one we faced hurdles. But we overcame them and ended up throwing a kick-ass party/brunch/blogger/vlogger event.

Our event took place May 25 from 12:00-almost 3 right in Maria's backyard. Though it was memorial day weekend all of the girls minus 2 were able to show up to the event to hang out with us. Leading up to the event the weather had not been on our side. It had been raining all week, so needless to say I was a nervous wreck thinking mother nature might rain out our party. But she didn't! The sun came out, the breeze was light, and the weather was perfect. Another thing the weather didn't stop? Our beautiful decorations from Lovely Event Design. Erika our event designer set up our balloon arch and balloon decorations. She did such an amazing job! from the leaves inserted into the balloons to the flamingos on our table and even the great idea of filling a few balloons with water to keep them weighed in the breeze. She was the best designer we could ever ask for. Thank you so much Erika!

The girls started showing up on time and one by one introducing themselves to one another, mingling, snacking, "oohing" and "awwing" at the party set up. Did I mention sipping margaritas too? Yes, our margaritas were provided by the Cocktail Artist. We had 2-3 different flavors such as pina colada and strawberry daiquiri. I may have had one, two or three too many. But I regret nothing! :) It was pretty cool, watching all these moms come together. We started off the party by thanking the ladies for coming and asking everyone to grab themselves a bit to eat. Our lunch was sponsored by Dos Coyotes of Natomas. We had a really delicious taco bar, that featured steak and chicken. Plus side like cheese, chips, and salsa. We also had a really good salad bar as well. Dos Coyotes came and set up everything before the party started. They were so kind and never made a mess while they set up next to our desserts. Our desserts were sponsored by the one and only Sweet Flour Bakery. If you read my blog then you know how amazing Sweet Flour Bakery is (read more here). Lisa of Sweet Flour Bakery provided us with the cutest flamingo, palm tree and Hawaiian flower shaped cookies. Almost too good to eat.. but we totally ate em anyways! She also provided us with the moistest cupcakes on earth and rose infused strawberries! I had never had strawberries like that before and let me tell you they were everything! Thank you so much Sweet Flour BakeryDos Coyotes, and The Cocktail Artist for making our party delicious!

Once we were all done eating we went around the table and introduced ourselves. We spoke our names, a little about our family life, rather we blog or vlog and a hobby of ours. Maria recorded everyone while I took photos. After introductions, the girls and I all talked about random stuff we could all relate too like meeting deadlines, photography and even touched on the subject of how to stay true to your heart being in the public eye. I think this was my favorite part of the entire party because we all got to know each other, tell stories, laugh together and it felt special. Talking to other moms who know the up's and downs of this world and how it works. It felt nice bouncing ideas off each other's head and telling funny inside jokes about our significant others. It felt nice just being in that moment with those ladies. Definitely, something you don't get to experience every day. Did I mention it felt nice?

It seemed as if those few hours flew by in minutes because before we knew it our party was over. We sent each mom home with a bag of amazing goodies. Check out what was in the bag and our sponsors Instagram/websites below:

Sacramento Mommy Flamingle Sign: 
This awesome shop makes all sorts of costume things for your special day. Plus you can easily print them yourself. Thank you, Raffaella
provided by:

Gift card
One lucky mama went home with a $50 shop credit we raffled off. I have so many items from this shop. They have the best mom shirts and the best owner. Thank you, Sarah :)
Provided by: 

 Looking for socks for your party? Even Flamingo ones? well, this is your place. I can't get over home cozy our socks were! Thank you, Sock Smith!
Provided by: @socksmith

These sweet pink hats are totally coming in handy with this Sacramento heat we have coming. My youngest baby girl actually stole mine and refuses to give it back. Thank you, Brooke!
Provided by:

Can't have a girl power party without a little bit of girl power, right? Girl Gang Craft is all about art and the power of women! They provided us with the coolest uterus pins. Taking my uterus pin everywhere I go. Thank you so much, Pheobe!
Provided by: @girlgangcraft

We couldn't have carried all of our goodies without our customized totes right? Though we changed our design a million times. Ilulilydesigns were so patient with us. Thank you for your hard work, Candace!
Provided by: @ilulilydesigns

All of our moms were thrilled with our full-sized pallets from Pinky Rose. They loved them! Thank you, Marianna and all of the beautiful ladies at Pinky Rose cosmetics. 
Provided by:

My favorite eyewear shops ever. Thank you to Olivia and the Discount glasses team for our sunglasses. They are fab darling.
Provided by:@discountglasses

Car Seat Key:
If you have nails or weak hands then our friends at Car Seat Key got your back.. and your hands! Thank you so much to my good friends over at the shop for our keys. #freethebaby
Provided by: @thecarseatkey

Hydration Packets:
Staying hydrated all day long. Thank you, Victoria for our drink packets! Super yummy!
Provided by: @wylerslight

Name Tags:
The girls knew exactly where to sit thanks to their custom chalk name tags. Handwritten by Miranda I don't know how she does it. She's amazing. Thank you, Miranda.
Provided by: @chalkdesignsbyme

Love, love, love our custom tumblers by Megan. They not only made for the perfect table setting but the perfect goody for each girl. Thank you, Megan!
Provided by: @blessingboutiqueco 

Favor Boxes:
Lastly huge thank you to our pal Nathalie for sending us the best DIY flamingo gift boxes. She has a great site too! So many cute items! Thank you Nathalie.
 Provided by: @Pressprintparty

I can't thank these gracious shops enough for every single item they provided us. The girls absolutely loved the goody bags and I am just so honored to be able to have had each and every shop as our sponsor. I will support them and their shops for life! Thank you guys all so much again a million and one times.

Also a big thank you to all of the mamas who attended! You ladies are superstars:

@tomorrowsmom blogger.
@eraeholland blogger.
@jcmonrroe vlogger. blogger. 
@trinaskiy blogger & vlogger.
@bellecipartyof4 blogger.
@haileypham blogger.
@always.kimberly blogger.

and also a huge thank you to the wonderful PinkBlush for sponsoring my dress for this event. You guys are so sweet. Thank you.

Once all the girls had gone Maria and I started cleaning. As we cleaned we looked and said to each other "we did it! We actually pulled it off." Maria looked at me and said, "Omg I know what next years party theme is!" "I said what? tell me!" Maria replied... 

Oh no, no, no wait.. you'll just have to wait until next year to find that out.
Can you say Sacramento Mommy Flamingle 2020?

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  1. Thank you Porsha for the mention! I'm so glad you you liked my printable Flamingo boxes. What a beautiful event.