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Say cheese! With The Canon IVY Cliq/IVY Cliq + from Best Buy.

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Hi friends!
Say Cheese!
That's right it's picture time! Get out your best outfits, grab your friends and smile big for the new Canon IVY Cliq and IVY Cliq + at Best Buy!

We all know this day and age taking a photo is super important. Especially for us girls. We need good lighting, bomb makeup, the perfect pose and obviously the best camera. I am so excited to bring to you the Canon IVY Cliq and IVY Cliq +. Let me give you all the details. 

Both the Canon IVY Cliq and IVY Cliq + are instant photo cameras. The photos taken are printed on small pieces of zink paper. Zink paper is zero ink printing, so instead of using ink, it uses dye-based crystals that are colorful and actually embedded inside of the paper. Zink enabled devices uses the heat to activate and colorize those crystals. Phew! learn something new every day right? With instant 8.0 MP photos, the mini camera fit's right into your pocket so you can take them with you on the go and selfie anytime, anywhere! So let me break down the differences for you.

This camera is super cute and super fun. Once you take your photo it instantly prints a sized 2x3" picture that you can peel-and-stick to nearly anything. Because of the peel-and-stick feature, this camera is great to take with you anywhere. The Ivy Cliq features a memory card slot too. This feature allows you to keep your digital copies of all the pictures you take. Though keep in mind it is sold separately. The Ivy Cliq also is equipped with the perfect mirror for selfies, hello bonus. This camera comes in four sweet colors which include bumble bee yellow, ladybug red, mint green, and seaside blue.


This camera is a bit different from the Ivy Cliq. The Ivy Cliq + is not only super cute, super fun, and prints 2x3" peel-and-stick photos too like the Ivy Cliq but can also print photos that have been taken directly from your smartphone with the Canon Mini Print app. Now isn't that cool? When you connect your smartphone to the app it even allows you to use cute AR filters, stickers, effects and even text and frames. This is all done via Bluetooth. The Ivy Cliq + also features a very large 2" mirror with an 8 LED ring light. So basically it's like the best selfie you'll ever take. This camera to features a memory card slot (card sold separately) and comes in pearl white, rose gold, ruby red, and sapphire blue.

These cameras are perfect for everyday use, great at parties or would even make a great gift for someone who loves taking pictures. I absolutely love mine. The photo quality is genius and it was very easy to use. and the fact that the camera has the same name as my oldest daughter is a plus too, just sayin. ;)

Thank you, Canon and Best Buy!

Check out both of these cool cameras below.

Canon IVY CLIQ Instant Print Camera: here  
Canon IVY CLIQ+ Instant Print Camera: here

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