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3 Reasons why your kids should visit SeaQuest in Folsom.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by SeaQuest in Folsom.)

Hi friends!
Did you know that Japanese immortal Jellyfish can live forever?
Did you know that Rainbow lorikeet birds poop every 6 minutes?
Did you know that if a clownfish female dies the strongest male clownfish will morph into a female? Pretty wild stuff right? Well, I learned all these super cool facts and more a few weeks ago when my friends and I took a little playdate to SeaQuest. 

What is SeaQuest? SeaQuest is an aquarium like adventure with many locations, but lucky for us this one was located right in Folsom, CA. As you take a walk through SeaQuest you'll find yourself learning about all things sea creatures and even land animals too. SeaQuest offers fun things but not limited to a huge gift shop for shopping, birthday parties for a memorable birthday, swimming with sharks and even sleeping with sharks! Yes, you read that correctly. They also offer food for the feeding of the animals and some animals you can even touch. Oh, and we can't forget one of the best things about Seaquest. Hands-on private VIP tours like the one my friends and I took.

My girlfriends Melissa and Maria + her sweet mom headed down to Folsom to go on this adventure with all of our kiddos. We all met up in the gift shop and was greeted by the wonderful Kimberly who introduced us to our tour guide, Teddy. Teddy gave us an amazing 1 hour VIP tour of Seaquest and he was super knowledgeable. He took the time to answer all of our questions and was even took photos with us. Let's not forget he also was extremely patient considering the fact he was guiding a tour with 6 toddlers under 5 years old. So why should you and your kids visit SeaQuest? Here are 3 reasons why from me and my girlfriends.

1. The Experience:
Maria Says-
"I really enjoy that it is an interactive experience. Kids can feed the fish or pet the farm animals, but they can also do other things like pretend to ride in a canoe or play in sandbox stands that simulate elevation. I also love the ability to upgrade and swim with the sharks and stingrays - and at a reasonable price - something no other place in Sacramento has offered before."

2. Customer Service:
Melissa Says-
"My favorite part of our sea quest adventure was the hospitality and knowledge the tour guide Teddy showed us. He really was an animal whisperer! He knew so much about the animals, and I learned a lot about the reptiles and the fish they had. Teddy was also very patient with all the kids. He understood they couldn’t sit still for too long, and he moved us along the tour quickly."

3. The Memories:
I say-
"This is something we never had in the area growing up and I absolutely love the entire idea behind SeaQuest. From going there to learning about the animals, feeding them, watching the kids run and play it's a memory that they will never forget and something fun to do with your entire family. I would totally recommend it because the memories are worth it."

So friends there ya have it 3 different reasons to take your kiddos to SeaQuest by three different moms from different walks of life with 6 crazy kiddos in between us.

Thank you, SeaQuest for sponsoring our visit we had so much fun! Will be back soon! :)
To find out more about Seaquest in Folsom or to find one in your area plus hours and cost click here