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The end of brik at Kaia Fit.

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Hi friends!
6 weeks! 6 long weeks have come and gone and here we are! We survived brik! (read more about brik here & here) So how did it end? What was the outcome? and how did I end up with a canon in the front seat of my car? Lets rewind shall we?

Brik started off hard for us, and as the weeks progressed it didn't get easier. We found ourselves, we pushed ourselves and we went hard. The last day of birk rolled around late Saturday morning in June and I was so excited. I texted Maria and we talked about "not" anticipating a very hard work out. Boy was we wrong. The last day of brik was set up as a scavenger hunt/workout. When we heard we would have it around the neighborhood we thought "piece of cake" an easy workout around the Kaia Fit building and scavenger hunting. Well, it was absolutely nothing like that.

Maria and I both pulled up to Kaia Fit about 3 minutes apart, both running a few minutes late grabbing last-minute snacks for our pot luck. Once we pulled up some of the girls were already pulling off in their cars. What was going on? It was scavenger hunt time! Amy handed me a sheet and immediately put us in a team of three awesome girls Celena, Jennifer, and Caroll. We hopped in our cars and it was on! The scavenger hunt list had numerous places for us to head to in the neighborhood. Each place was worth a different amount of points. Each place also had a different exercise for us to do a certain amount of times, Once we completed the exercise as a team we then had to take a photo doing a yoga pose that was assigned to the location. It was a real challenge. Strangers watched as went from places like Jamba Juice and Sprouts Grocery doing butt kickers and high knees. It was just like a real workout, we would park the car jump out do the exercise, snap a pic, run back to the car and head to the next spot to repeat. We only had a certain amount of time to get everything done and our time was almost up. We raced back to Kaia Fit to celebrate completing our scavenger hunt and the end of brik.

Yes, I was shoeless in some photos because we used my shoe as a tripod to take the photos ha ha. 

We all chatted with each other, snacked on some goodies, laughed together and reminisced on our hard work for the last 6 weeks. We even played a fun game where our groups created a team name and song for bonus points on our scavenger hunt sheet. The time came to choose winners and hand out awards. Winner for the best team name went to my group. What was our name?

"These Thighs Are On Fire

ha, ha yes that was our creative team name. We each won Starbucks cards for that. Next, we got our awards I was lucky enough to receive Kaia's perfect attendance and double day diva award. Other awards included Kaia Queen, Kaia Beast and etc. The awards were over it was time for the big prize. 

Who would win the Kaia Fit raffle? Over the 6 weeks, we had all been putting raffle tickets into the bucket for different reasons like Facebook check-ins or 5 classes in a row, etc. Coach Traci and Kathleen pulled about 5 or 6 tickets and each girl's name they pulled we're was not in attendance which you had to be to win. Little did I know the next ticket was the winner.

Coach Traci announcing I was the winner!


Yeap, I won the brik raffle and ended up taking a canon home in the front seat of my car. Insane uh? I can't wait to use it I think my husband can't either, he was pretty darn excited. Wonder if they give awards for excited Kaia husband cheerleaders? :)

Brik was one hell of an experience for me. Between making so many new girlfriends, setting goals for myself and being able to say I did it makes me so proud to be a Kaia girl. I just wanna say congratulations to every one of you reading this who finished brik. It definitely is something to brag about so be proud. 

Thank you to Maria for pushing me and going to class with me pulling freaking crazy barre and TRX 5 and 6 am doubles with me. Thank you to Leslie and Amy for the chance to experience Kaia, thank you to the coaches who kicked my butt, thank you tot he girls who encouraged me to keep going in class and most importantly thank you to myself because self 

we did it, girl. 

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  1. What an awesome day! It looks like a lot of fun! :) Congrats on winning!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) It's been a quiet one for us, with the rain!

    Away From Blue