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Three Healthy Eating Benefits (other than weight loss) to Keep You Motivated 100%.

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While losing weight is the main reason many people start eating more fruit, vegetables, fish and whole grains, the many other amazing benefits of healthy, unprocessed food are often what keep healthy-eating devotees motivated. Whether you started eating well and drinking more water because the scale shocked you into it, or you simply want to feel more energised, these top benefits of healthy eating will keep you on track.

Increased Productivity

Not unlike your car, the brain requires quality fuel in order to run efficiently. A recent study demonstrated that an unhealthy diet lacking essential nutrients can cause reduced productivity up to 60 percent of normal functioning. If you’re motivated to do your best, one of your top priorities should be achieving balance and scoring nutrition points in your daily meals. While it might take a little work at first to get your diet right, your well-fuelled brain will pay you back double time in the productivity department!

Pay it Forward

If you’re lucky enough to be expecting a child, you’ll be pleased to know that what’s good for you is (usually) good for the baby as well. All the goodness you’re investing in your body will be passed on to your baby, reducing their risk of contracting allergies and a whole host of diseases

later in life. This makes pregnancy an essential time to understand nutrition and the importance of essential vitamins and minerals. Educating yourself is key. While you might be satisfied with a quick Google of superfoods to work out your own health needs, you may wish to take a more scientific approach to your baby’s health during your pregnancy and beyond. Coallition is an excellent resource to get your diet right for you both.

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A Happier You

You know that old adage—you are what you eat? While this sounds unscientific, there is a lot of truth to this statement. What’s more, you can apply it to various parts of your mind-body complex, like how your body feels physically, and what your mood is like. Just as feeding your body good fuel enhances your enjoyment of physical activity, so your brain responds to chemicals in your food to enhance your mood. The brain is the key to this mechanism. Ever heard of dopamine? Well, you’ll find ten grams of this well-known mood enhancing chemical in a humble banana! Dark chocolate offers loads of polyphenol, which has been shown to up your

serotonin levels, which is central to fighting depression. While you should not hesitate to seek professional advice if you are struggling with a serious mood disorder, healthy foods can offer tremendous benefits in terms of normal daily mood fluctuations. 

In this media-drenched society, images of slim people can be very powerful. But even if an image of yourself in a smaller pair of jeans makes you embark on your healthier diet, that vision won’t necessarily be enough to keep you going. Sticking to your new intentions will require more a substantial understanding of the good things you’re doing for yourself. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into a healthier diet, or you’re a seasoned health-fanatic needing fresh inspiration to stay on track, it pays to keep reminding yourself that eating healthy food offers boundless benefits beyond a slimmer waistline.

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