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Why my daugters are my heros.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by Mila & Rose.)

Hi friends.
Today's blog post is a little bit out of the norm because it's not like a tip or product review. Though I did receive some pretty awesome dresses from Mila and Rose that inspired this post. A few weeks ago Mila and Rose posted brand new dresses to their website. While each dress was beautiful in its own way there was one dress that really stood out to me and it was the superhero dress.

 I knew Ivy and Aria had to have this dress the moment I laid eyes on it. Minutes later I was receiving a confirmation email for it. What can I say? a cute dress is a cute dress. When the dresses arrived in the mail I got them on the girls they were so excited and thought they were super cute. I had even ordered a few accessories off Amazon superhero mask and pretty silk pink capes. I took the girls to the park to run around and play in their new dresses. the pictures came out beautiful.

Upon editing the photos and getting ready to write a review like I always do I stopped. Looking through the photos one by one I saw something in each of them. I saw something special. These were more than just cute review photos these were my girls. These were my tiny superheroes. So in today's blog, I wanna take a moment to tell my two little girls why they are my superheroes.

Ivy and Aria,
as I sit here in bed with you it's just an ordinary Tuesday. Aria is watching Youtube kids on my phone and Ivy is snacking next to her peaking over her shoulder. Even though they keep squirming all around making it super impossible to keep my laptop steady as I type I couldn't be happier at this moment. A few months ago when I decided to quit my job and blog full time I was so scared. So many possibilities, success, failure, ups, and downs. But little did I know I always had two tiny superheroes who had my back all along. 

you are the epitome of the statement "beautiful inside and out". When I look at you all I see is my tiny little baby who got me through the hardest time in my life in 2014. Those nights in our little apartment it was just me and you. You kept me on track, gave me the inspiration to finish college and taught me that I am strong no matter what. If I look sad you are right there by my side to ask "mama what's wrong?" or if I just need a nice "make a big squish" as you call it aka a hug you are always there to squeeze me tight. You are my hero because not only are you my super and mighty little 5-year-old daughter but you are half of my heart, my best friend, my sunshine on a rainy day, my
 Ivy Rose. 

you are honestly the second daughter I never knew I needed. From the moment you were born, you have always been my loving, sweet baby girl. You completed our family and made Ivy a big sister. Although you are a daddy's girl you never miss a chance to be next to your mommy. You have the most beautiful smile of any 3-year-old I've ever known. Even though you literally just threw my iPhone at me and said "phone died! charge it!". I love everything about you. Your tiny voice, the way you love and take care of others at such a young age, the way you rub my back when I pick you up in the morning. You will never understand just how much I love you. how happy I am you are here! You are my hero because you taught me so much about myself when I thought I already knew it all. You are the other half of my heart, my spirit,  my little big nose twin, my 
Aria Skye.

My girls. They are my superheroes because without them there would never be a blog, there with never be life, there would never be me. I gave them life but they gave me one worth living every single day. 
I love you Ivy and Aria.

Thank you for reading friends. I only cried maybe 3-4 times writing this. Be sure to head over to my Instagram today and tell me why your daughter is your hero for a chance to win this Mila and Rose superhero dress. 


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