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Eight Style Hacks For Busy Moms.

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When you’re a busy parent, life can take a bit of a backseat in favor of running after your children. It can be easy to get into a style rut of easy to wear basics and scraped back ponytails, while the rest of your clothes languish unloved in the wardrobe. Shake up your Mom style with these easy hacks. 

  1. Get your hair out of your face with different accessories. If you spend most of your day chasing a toddler, playing on the floor or creating messy crafts with the kids, it’s easier to have your back out of the way. Instead of always piling it into a messy bun, buy some pretty hair bands or hair clips to hold your hair out of your way. 
  2. Take your shower or bath in the evening after the kids are in bed. This can help you unwind after a busy day of parenting, and means you’ll actually have time to dry it without being interrupted by the children. Braid it wet before you sleep for easy waves the next morning. In between washes, keep your hair fresh with a dry shampoo sprayed into your roots.
  3. Plan your outfits the night before. If you’re busy getting the children ready in the morning, you’re not going to have time to choose a cute outfit for yourself. To avoid falling back on wearing sweatpants every day, layout the next day’s clothes the night before. You’ll feel more put together and get to wear more of your clothes. 
  4. Change up your nail polish routine. Chipped nails don’t look good and won’t make you feel chic, no matter how good your outfit is. If you don’t have time to repaint your nails, consider skipping it, and instead just try and keep your nails neat and tidy. If you can’t do without a color, invest in a gel manicure which can last two or three weeks without chipping. 
  5. Use beauty products that do double or even triple duty to reduce the amount of time you need to get ready in the morning. For example, use a tinted moisturizer with an SPF included, to combine three steps in one. It’ll cover moisturizing, your base and sunscreen all in one. 
  6. Consider eyelash extensions. The fuller, darker finish means you can skip mascara and your eyes will still be framed with beautiful lashes. You’ll feel like you’re put together even without needing to put on any other makeup. 
  7. Make your wardrobe work well together, by choosing clothes in a restricted group of colors. If everything goes together, you’ll be able to mix and match outfits more easily, which saves time trying to decide what to wear. 
  8. Choose wrinkle-resistant fabrics for your clothes. You’ll save time by needing to do a lot less ironing, and your clothes will look better even if you’ve been rolling on the floor with the kids all day. Look for a high polyester count to reduce wrinkling. Denim and chunky knits are good for resisting creasing too.

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