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Framing our memories with Art To Frames

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by Art To Frame.)

Hi friends!
It has been so fun sharing bits of our new home with you piece by piece and today is no exception. As you all know I absolutely love photography. I have a big spot in my heart for taking photos and capturing moments. I also love to frame all of those wonderful photos and hang them on the wall as daily reminders of how beautiful life can be. Lucky for me I got the chance to work with my new friends over at Art To Frames to bring the beautiful to life.
 Art To Frames is the longest established framing company in the United States. Yes! that's right you can trust them with your precious photos and memories because that have been doing this since 1929 using high crafted materials made here also in the United States. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed you will love every piece of work from Art To Frames so much, you'll forever be a customer like me. From custom framing to prints, accessories and more Art To Frames has a piece for everyone.

So when we moved I had to have a few of them, no question. I wanted frames. But I did not just want any regular frames. I wanted frames that were made especially for me and my family. These days you often see beautiful frames in stores. But while they are beautiful there are also so many people with those same frames.  I wanted something that no one else had and I wanted a say so in every detail. So with the help from my husband, we logged on to Art To Frames and took it from there.

Our entire ordeal with Art To Frames was nice and simple. First, we determined what size frame we wanted. We knew while we wanted something big we still had to think of how much room we had to work with within our little space. So we decided to go with 11x14 smoothe black frames. We then had our choice of a mat, we went with a top and bottom mat. Not only did it give a dimensional look but it also looked amazing too. For the top mat, we went with white cream, and for the bottom, we went with a candlewick gray. These specific color choice we choose because they matched our style and home decor. Plus we wanted something we could use again for years to come in case we decided to ever change our decor later. We then went with a regular glass finish and easy to hang hanger. After were done customizing our frames we then uploaded our photo into it, added it our cart and we were done. Six frames later and we had exactly what we wanted, customized for only us. 

What I love the most about Art To Frames is that their website made it so easy to customize our frames. They even had live chat on their site in case we did need help. I also love how fast the shipping was and how safe each frame was packaged away. The only thing I would change for myself is the easy to hang hanger. I'm not very handy myself and my husband could not help me at the moment, so while the directions and step by step video made it easy I made it harder on myself than it should have been. Though I did eventually get the frames up and hanging perfectly and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Art To Frame was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a frame company. Their frames really are high quality and everything you could ever imagine. I can't thank them enough for preserving our memories for a lifetime. Thank you Art To Frames. 

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