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How I'm learning Photography online with Yew Photography.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a partnered post by Yew Photography.)

These photos were taken using the skills I learned from Yew Photography. Shout out to my friends for allowing me to shoot their little ones for this blog post too.
Hi Friends!
For as long as I can remember taking pictures played a big part in my life. I grew up in front of a camera pointed at me. My parents always documented mine and my siblings days way before it was a popular Instagram hashtag. Rather it was the giant 90's camcorder or the little white polaroid camera, we lived in front of a lens. People sometimes say they rather live in the moment but honestly, I don't feel that way. While living in the moment is great I am so thankful my parents documented us so well. I often go back and look at old photos from when I was small and smile. Life is to short these days and photos sometimes are all we have when memories fade. So documenting my life, my kids, my family, and things around to this day are very important to me. While I love taking photos I have never been the best at it. But when I was introduced to Yew Photography things began to change.

"My passion in life is to capture the moments in your life that define you. Your kids, your family, your life. My goal is to capture images that evoke emotions and transport you into that moment."

-Emily Yewchuk

Those words were written by the amazing photographer and the brains behind Yew Photography Emily Yewchuk. Emily is a mom of 3, wife and photographer located in Vancouver Island. When I came across Emily's work I was instantly in love. When I learned where she was located I was instantly heartbroken. When I learned Emily taught online courses I was instantly ecstatic. Can you say emotional rollercoaster much? I began to do my research on Emily and learned a lot more about her. With Emily's passion for photography and the beauty of it, I felt connected to her more and more. It was then I decided to take the leap and reach out to see if Emily would agree to collaborate with me. When Emily agreed I think I screamed reading her email. She set me up with her online course, answered all of my questions and was the sweetest person ever. So what does a Yew Photography course look like?

The Yew Photography course teaches professional photography skills by award-winning photographer Emily herself. The course is called the "Life in pictures DSLR Masterclass For Moms". But don't worry anyone can take this course. The course covers 7 modules which will help you gain skills or take your skills to the next level of awesomeness. 

Mod 1: Features an intro to the class and how to set up shots.

Mod 2: Is all about lighting and how to.

Mod 3: Emily reveals the secrets of capturing "thee shot".

Mod 4: My favorite! Teaches you all about camera modes.

Mod 5: Is another fav of mine, it's all about editing.

Mod 6: How to work with your little ones.

Mod 7: And lastly this mod is all about how to share your photos.

If you grab some snacks and a notebook you can get through this course on a weekend if you really wanted too. So if you're looking for a cut-to-the-chase class with professional results this is for you! I am halfway through my course now and loving it. While life is crazy busy it's taken me longer to complete my course than most. But I sure will keep you guys update once I am 100% done. But don't wait for me to join the class now and get started! you can also use the code MISSPORSHA for $50 off! ;) and if you're still not convinced then guess what? Emily will refund you at the end if you're not taking photos like a pro! Yup. Insane right? So get started today. Capture those moments and do it beautifully. 

For more information on Yew Photography click here.
To find out DSLR Masterclass information click here.
For A free iPhone mini photography course as well, check it out here.

Happy picture taking friends! 


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