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Ivy's 5th birthday adventures.

Disclaimer: This post was written back in March. Life got ahead of me and I never got to post it until now. I apologize. I also am so sad I accidentally deleted every single birthday photo from her birthday off my camera. I only had this single photo. I tried countless times and for months to get the photos back but no luck. Nevertheless here is Ivy's birthday post.

Hi friends!
As you all know my Ivy Rose turned 5 years old on the 31st (see her birthday photoshoot here). It was a funfilled day for her and a bittersweet day for this mama.

The day started with Ivy sleeping in until I decided to wake her up around 9:45 am because Ivy wanted one thing for her birthday and that was to spend the day at the zoo. I wanted to get to the zoo early so she could have as much time there as she wanted. But before I woke her up the night before actually, I decorated the dining room for her. Mermaids are her jam right now so a mermaid-themed birthday it was. I hung balloons, had a mermaid cake, gifts she was pretty excited to wake up and see it all. She had a celebratory doughnut for breakfast and we were off to the zoo! But not before we stopped to pick up the girls great-grandma aka gg-ma. Because it just so happens that March 31 was her birthday as well. Yep! birthday twins. Every year they pretty much do something together or at least see each other on their birthday. It's a very sweet tradition.

Upon our arrival at the zoo, parking was horrible! we had to park a few blocks away next to a park around the way from the zoo and walk. Although I can't complain the weather was beautiful and the kids seem to love running through the park as we walked. The line was super long to get in the zoo but it moved fast. Along with both of my girls, I also brought two of my nieces with me as well. They couldn't contain their excitement wanting to see the animals. But not before they stopped at one of the gifts stands to dance around in some bubbles that were blowing away from a toy on one of the souvenir stands. After that, the girls stopped at nearly every exhibit. Lions, monkeys, flamingos they saw so much. But nothing compared to the giraffe. The zoo has a thing called "giraffe encounter" where twice a day people are able to come up close and personal with the animals to feed them. Each girl fed the giraffe twice and giggled nervously. It was so fun watching them be so close to nature. They got cleaned up and had ice cream and pretzels for lunch, played at the zoos park, spent forever watching turtles swim, stopped at the gift shop and then the birthday girl Ivy was ready to head home.

When we got home we sang to her and her gg-ma and they opened up their gifts. 

Ivy lost a tooth!!!

I couldn't believe it what a crazy way to end her 5th birthday by losing her very first tooth. As if I weren't emotional enough already because my baby was 5 you can just imagine how worst it got after she lost her tooth. The tooth fairy ended up bringing her a toothbrush, tooth book, gold coins and of course $5.00. 

My tiny baby isn't so tiny anymore. She's 5 now she's a big girl if you ask her. Time is a thief I swear. But I am so lucky to be able to watch her grow. I love you so much, Ivy. Happy 5th birthday!

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