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Microblading Aesthetics By Kristina: My moms experience.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by Aesthetics By Kristina.)

Kristina & my mom during her touch up appointment.

Hi friends!
We all have a bucket list right? You know that awesome list of things we all wanna do in life. So what's on yours? I have a few things on mine that consist of things like traveling. Now, what's on your moms? that's right. I asked what's on your mom's bucket list? Well, one of the things on my mom's bucket list was to get her brows microbladed. With the help of our new friend and microblading expert Kristina, she officially scratched that off her bucket list. 

Before my mom got microblading she would draw her brows on like this..

One night scrolling through the gram I received a sweet message from a woman named Kristina. Kristina is a 3x certified and insured permanent makeup artist. Kristina informed me she was new to the area but not new to microblading. She explained how years ago she was inspired to start microblading after getting hers done by a friend. Like any smart entrepreneur, Kristina wanted to grow in her craft, expand her audience and get her name out. I loved this because seeing as how I am a blogger I could totally relate. I chatted with Kristina for a while and we spoke about her services. Get this not only does Kristina offer microblading but she also offers ombre and combo brows, needle-less lip fillers, permanent lip blush and liner, mobile services and she is also currently working on becoming certified in fibroblast, micropigmentation and saline tattoo removal. We also spoke about what microblading entails and exactly what microblading is. For those of you reading this who aren't familiar with microblading, it is a sort of tattooing technique in which tiny needles add a semi-permanent pigment to one's skin. I went on to explain to Kristina that I had been wanting to do microblading for some time now, unfortunately, I was right in the middle of a move and unable to commit. However, I remembered my mom's bucket list and informed Kristina that microblading was also something my mom had always wanted to do. Before you know it we hashed out the details, set a time, date and the big day was here.

My mom and I arrived at Kristina's for her microblading appointment, she was a little nervous but overall so exited. Kristina made the entire atmosphere extremely comfortable. She offered us water, explained to us what she would be doing, showed us all the tools she would use and answered all the million and one questions we had too. Now it was time to get microblading! My mom laid down on a table and Kristina did her thing. She started by creating a placement on my mom to see where she would want her brows she then created a design of how they would look. Once my mom found and placement and design she liked Kristina numbed the brow area. After my mom was completely numbed with a topical anesthetic she got started the process 14 tiny needles and a lot of hard work later she was done. The entire process I'd say took about an hour. My mom was over the moon! She couldn't believe they were her brows. About 4 weeks later we went back for a quick touch up that took even less than an hour. My mom's brows healed fine with no issues and they came out so beautiful I am still in awe. We can't thank you enough Kristina. 

Our experience with Kristina and microblading for the first time was amazing. Kristina really is passionate about her work, takes her time with her client and has so much pride in the finished product. If you are in the greater Sacramento Area, Bay area or Nothern CA then you need to... no, you have to book Microblading by Kristina! Right now Kristina is even offering $150 off for new clients! What are you waiting for? I know microblading is on your bucket list too.

What my mom said:
"Getting Microblading was a great investment for me. It’s has saved me so much time in the morning getting ready for work or rather I’m just going out in about. No more worrying about trying to draw my eyebrows on. Some days it would take me almost an hours to get them just right. One side would end up too thick or thin, the other side to long or too short. Now I don’t have to worry about being embarrassed about disappearing eyebrows after a long workout. Kristina is such a pro at this and she has a wonderful personality. Her first priority was to make sure that I was comfortable and not having any pain before, once she got started, and during the procedure. She went over every detail on how she would be doing during the procedure. She makes sure you pick out exactly how you would like your eyebrows to look.  I like that she always follows up on her clients to see if they need anything and how everything went. She made me a believer that anything is possible! Thank You, Kristina"

-love, Vanessa

After the first appointment.

A 4 weeks later after the touch-up.

Another of the touch-up.

All I gotta say now is Kristina when can I book my appointment? :)

blog coming soon...

Click here to find out more + see more client photos and book Kristina. 


  1. My girlfriend had her eyebrows microbladed by Kristina also, it really is amazing, Kristina did a beautiful job, my girlfriend gets up in the morning splashes some water on her face, a cup of coffee and she's out the door. No fuss, no bother.

  2. that looks very professional. the work is really high end.
    you also do powder brows?