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Taking on the first day of Kindergarten with Kindi Kids.

Hi friends!
Summer is over and that means back to school the kids go. But this school year is unlike any other school year because this year my baby is heading off to Kindergarten. Yes, that dreaded "k" word. It’s one of the saddest and happiest days of a parent’s life. While Ivy seems to be pretty excited about this new journey, she also has a few butterflies. Venturing out into a big kid school for such a tiny person can be very scary, but I have found the perfect back-to-school essential to make the butterflies disappear for Ivy and all little ones entering Kindergarten. It’s Kindi Kids from Moose Toys!

Kindi Kids, Moose Toys’ first-ever school doll, will be your little one’s greatest new friend as they head to Kindergarten, Kindi Kids will also be there to help your little one conquers all those butterflies mentioned before. I know when I was little, I had those exact butterflies, but I’ll get into that more later. Ok so what is a Kindi Kid exactly and what does it do? I'm glad you asked.

Kindi Kids dolls are one of a kind bobblehead dolls from a town called Rainbow Kindi that bring on the color and fun. These fun dolls have features like glittery eyes, unique hair, food-themed accessories and of course that special magic that makes school feel safe and fun.

Characters include Marsha Mello, Jessicake, Peppa-Mint and Donatina. Each doll is so different in their own way that your little one will have a hard time choosing only one! They'll want them all. Kindi Kids also have an interactive playset called The Kitty Supermarket (sold separately) that come with fun interactive food items. The Kitty Supermarket includes things such as a cash register, conveyor belt and more. Kindi Kids dolls retail at only $24.99 and you can find them at all major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target and more.

Having a new toy can make all the difference on that first big day of Kindergarten. I know this for a fact, remember those butterflies I was telling you about earlier? Well I remember having a similar toy when I was a young child in Kindergarten. It made me feel fearless about going to school and brave. I knew that once I conquered that day with my new pal by my side, I could conquer anything. That's what Kindi Kids dolls can do, too. So, if you're a parent looking to make that first day of Kindergarten a little less scary, remember the face of a Kindi Kids doll.

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  1. Totally will be buying this for my sonshine!

  2. Where can we grab one in store? Why isn’t it at Target??