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The Berkley Kite Festival: our family's outing.

Hi friends!
A few weeks ago my little family and I took a trip to the bay area to not only escape the Sacramento summer but to also enjoy some kites over the water. 

The Berkley Kite Festival is a festival that operates once a year in Berkeley CA. The festival takes places on the Berkeley Marina for one weekend towards the end of July. It’s not only a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy some of the biggest and best kites ever. But it’s also a time to unwind, listen to good music and enjoy some good eats too. 

We attended the Berkeley Kite Festival in 2016 I believe.. or maybe 2017. All I remember is the first thing I spotted was a tiny handmade kite and I also remembered our girls were really tiny. Aria in particular she barley had any teeth so it was probably 2016. We had such an amazing time as a family that we had been trying to make it back since, but life kept getting in the way for whatever reason. Well, this year we were able to and my husband even said we would make a tradition out of coming. So hopefully this won't be the last time I blog about it. 

My husband had to work until the early afternoon so we jumped on the road a little later than we wanted but still managed to make it in time to catch the last shuttle from the parking lot to the marina. We grabbed some Asada fries to share and found a spot on the windy hill to eat and take in the views. After that my husband got the girls some ice cream and we headed down by the water to throw some rocks in the ocean and reminisce on the last time we had been in the exact same spot only years ago. After a while, it began to get cold so we decided to head back to the shuttles going out. After waiting in the line for what seemed like forever with everyone else leaving bus after bus it was finally our turn. We got on the bus saying goodbye to the festival.

Now on the road home, we figured we don’t get out to the bay often so we decided to head to one of our favorite places The Shake Shack. An hour and probably too much food later it was time to go home for real this time.

While my family slept in the car I peeked over at each one of their sleepy faces individually and couldn’t help but think of how much I love each one of them, how thankful I was to have them and how we just created another memorable day together all because of a tiny handmade kite above the water. 

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