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The Big Bounce America comes to Sacramento CA.

(I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own. 
This is a sponsored post by The Big Bounce America.)

Hi friends!
Today I am bouncing in to say hello! I also bounce by to tell you about the super fun, super awesome and of course, the super bouncy time my family and I had at The Big Bounce America! Let's get bouncing shall we?

 If you haven't heard by now The Big Bounce America is the largest bounce house in the world! I'm not talking about some little birthday party bounce house, I'm talking about the biggest and baddest 900ft bounce house you'll ever see. Plus a ton of other cool bounce houses that surround it. The Big Bounce America travels all over from city to city and is fun for all ages. Their custom-built inflatable bounce houses offer fun things like slides, climbing walls, and even ball pits. They offer family sessions for kiddos by age group and adult-only sessions too. They even have an array of food trucks to meet all your needs because man let me tell you bouncing can make ya hungry. 

My family and I were so excited to be able to attend a family session from 9:10 am-12:00 pm on a Sunday. We choose Sunday because we felt like it would be a great way to end the week after a long move. Low and behold we were right! When we pulled into the parking lot the girls screamed. You could actually see the bounce house from down the road when we were driving so it was already pretty exciting.  When we parked we got our tickets scanned and wrist bands on and it was time for bounce house session. While you can bounce in each house as much as you'd like, the big bounce house has time slots and only allow in people with that time. I love that idea, that way everyone gets time to bounce without being crowed. 

The girls kicked off their shoes and bounced right in.. no, literally they bounced in. Ha, ha. Dayjhan and I could barely keep up with them they were so hyped. They bounced off every slide, climbed every wall and even swam in the ball pit. The bounce house even had a DJ inside spinning all the kid toons as we enjoyed our bouncing time which was really neat. I don't know about you but I have never seen a DJ booth in a bounce house, just saying. The session slot ended with a ton of bubbles and all the kids screamed. I totally wish I could rewind that moment.

After the big bounce house, Dayjhan wanted to rest so the girls and I hit up "Air Space". Aliens, space ships and giant moons, this bounce house were out of this world. We even got lost in a bounce house maze! Yeah, this day was just filled with a bunch of first. First time in the biggest bounce house, first time lost in a bouncy maze you know a typical Sunday Funday.  

After that, we joined back up with Dayjhan and it was time for "The Giant". This 900ft inflatable obstical course put me and Aria on a team and Dayjhan and Ivy on a team. The prize? loser buys lemonade! On your mark! get set! go! It was on! We raced through this thing for what literally felt like FOREVER! I and Dayjhan cheated knocking each other down through it while Aria did her best to keep up with Ivy who was literally kicking everyone's butt. This kid was like ninja warrior toddler to the extreme. It's been a few weeks I am still trying to figure out how she did it. Ivy ended up beating Aria by a toe, while Dayjhan beat me. So I bought us all lemonade. Bragging rights are cool but lemonade taste better :)

Once done with our extreme workout we all ate at some of the food trucks and then it was time to head home. The Big Bounce America was nothing but awesome and I hope we get to do it again and again and again every year. 

Thank you so much The Big Bounce America for having us!
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